Funny Doberman Videos 2017 – Funny Dogs Compilation

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Vladimir Podolny says:

1:05 "I hate everyone…"

GT Harish says:

My mother want agree to a doberman puppy but she not agree I want up-to hundred like to convince my mother .☺🙂please like

Lola Medina says:

Simultaneously intimidating and adorable

j volgelstein says:

Lol lol the basket

Loganasaurus Rex says:

2:42 is hilarious 😂

Radtom83 says:

I love my 2 dobes very much !!

Eren Aydinli says:

pezebenk 2017 sikeyim geni orosbu 2017

Anyi Cituc Castillo says:

Que bonito 😍😍😍❤

Sarah Brune says:

Nice to know my dobe isn't the only one who attacks water from a hose.

Shawna Lunsford says:

Omg I want a Doberman but my mom said no because it can grow up in the wild and turn on people

Giradox says:

Fucking horrible music track ruining the video. Which is probably all stolen content anyway.

Tiya’s World says:

Dbrmn s awesome

Der_Namenlose says:

The first clip was heartwarming and funny 😀

Jarno Datema says:

Are'nt they aggressive?

Cj Rains says:

I have a red Doberman

The Silent Warrior says:

I hope to get one soon.

uwuminter _ says:

First one is me when my mom calls me for dinner

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