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Check this funny and cute videos of doberman dogs!
Doberman Protects Baby Compilation –

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K bar says:

To all of you who think they are cute and want one, keep this in mind please:
1. They are very active dogs with energy for days, so you need to exercise them daily
2. They are extremely loyal and will follow you room to room and never leave your side. They get upset if they cannot be in your presence.
3. They are highly intelligent, and need stimulation like a job to do, even if its fetching a stick or learning a new trick. They are fast learners.
4. Maybe this is the most important. They are highly emotional dogs. Scolding them sucks, they get clingy, and will relentlessly harass you for attention and affection.

So in a nutshell, they are active, intelligent, loyal, and emotional dogs, that require a lot of commitment, so please research these guys before getting one. As in all working dog breeds, they need a job, and its not to sit there and look cute

Phil B says:

Hello, I share my life with L瓣ika, a 5 years old Rottweiler and I live in Switzerland. In my country, if you cut the tail and the ears you go directly in jail for cruelty. Bye


You put your water mark over a compilation of other peoples videos

Majik_Rose says:

0:45 honestly I hate cotton balls too bro

Panda Power says:

They're not growing that's a submissive smile. It's a good thing. My chihuahuas do it too.

J7 Pro says:

Oi gata boa tarde deixa eu falar para voc礙 矇 bem quando voc礙 filmar assim para mandar postar v穩deo Ent瓊o filma de lado de lateral a穩 parece mais a imagem de abra癟o e um beijo

J7 Pro says:

Oi I love you eu tenho uma cachorra dessa a穩 cachorra n矇 meu cachorro 矇 f礙mea ent瓊o o nome dela 矇 Meg acho que 矇 a mesma ra癟a n矇 dessa a穩

J7 Pro says:


Saul Villafuerte says:

Why they always cut they ears and tail

hammer r says:

Our family has had 10 of them over the past decades. Once three at one time when we rescued one. They are the best. The personally is wonderful, smart and great with kids. Low maintenance and no real shedding like most long haired dogs. My favorite ones were the 100 lbs males. But unfortunately they dont live very long. Its almost like losing a child. They are smart and pretty easy to train. And best of all, the training sticks. Once they learn, they know it. Go for it, just make sure you get one from a good breeder with references and papers. .

renz roque says:

There so cute!!!!!!!!

Blair Lavoux says:

I know its supposed to be cute, but im actually scared 唐不

No Internet says:

Who else owns a Doberman?
Like if you own a Doberman.

Suhas Nayak says:

I miss my sharu , i hope is healthy and happy

MR.COON69 says:

3:24 Osovorgo

Dash DaSonic says:

I remember when my dobie had his ears like that lol. His name is Aragorn btw.

Bich Phuc says:

I wish I had the conditions to have one of these, they are incredible and their personality is amazing.

TSH says:

The dog at 2:00 is showing signs of aggression

bla bla says:

0:14 how cute is this puppy awww

Alvarie says:

yikes the ears

Deplorable Me says:

Goddamn, these fat, obese, middle aged American women who get a power trip out of talking trash to their dogs without even instilling a single drop of discipline in their dogs pisses me aoooooofffff. Thats not how you talk to a dog, thats how you CONFUSE a dog and turn the dog into a potential danger for your family and your community

David Maccormack says:

Dogs don't understand every word you say but they catch your drift,like a scotsman speaking Englishot even german

FBE Johan Unknown says:

For all you people complaining about the cropping or docking of dogs ears, just stop it, you must have the same opinion about circumcision because it is pretty much the same thing but almost no one is against it so just be quiet and watch the video

C. Evans180 says:

@3:29, the pain killers haven't worn off yet.

redfog42 says:

Can't stand seeing these beautiful animals with docked ears and tails. So unnecessary especially for a family pet!

Kevin Dunleavy says:

Dobies sure love to Grin.

Larry Dotson says:

04:00 those berries must have been good.

Ace The Mace says:

3:18 is the funniest because one has his mouth open the other falls

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