Funny Cats And Dogs – Funny Cats vs Dogs September 2017

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Funny Cats And Dogs – Funny Cats vs Dogs September 2017

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Simone Miglioli says:

Super 🐕🐈😍😍

And rew says:

cats and dogs are like brothers and sisters!! LOL

Ed Camp says:

CATS WIN!!!!!!

Taranis Esus Toutatis says:

4:08 Honey! I Inflated The Cat ….Anybody Got A Safety Pin..💨💥

Kim Giesler says:

Nah. Would not allow a small and large animal to go at it. The larger could easily kill the smaller. A friend's Lasa apso killed a few of her cats quicker than you could blink.

john guerin says:

Cat/ dog wrestling is better than WWE!!!

R R says:

3:54 Orson Welles looks pissed

razorback9926 says:

Lol, how facking stupid the dog at 2:00 is. Sits on cat, cat bites him, and dog jumps away surprised.

Irvin Slagter says:

6:50 Kitty version of Sugar Ray Leonard……..FAST hands!!!!

Ana Banana says:

0:25 is the cutest kitty vs doggo vid ive seen

T T says:

LOVE dog va CAT ..CAN mai VAN .giong .hihihi

Taranis Esus Toutatis says:

2:03 BAGPUSS makes a good seat ,but it has teeth

Taranis Esus Toutatis says:

1:38Hot pjus,pjus,pjus,pjus,pjus

Actingskint says:

Absolute bullocks .Got a wide screen phone trying to watch a postage stamp picture . Utterly pointless

Peter Jongsma says:

Children giggling. Happy.
Fill the world.

olddogg eleventy2 says:

5:25 + Dog: "As soon as I can get this darned ol' chew toy to settle down I can get into some serious chewin'!"

Paweł Marciniak says:

lol cat biggest then dog xD

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