Funny Cat vs Cute Golden Retriever Dog

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Funny Cat vs Cute Golden Retriever Dog! Simon vs Bailey! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!


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Potatoes Potatoes says:

Take your cat to the vet

Laura Bibiana Florez Lara says:

poor bailey the cat doesn´t let you sleep

Lilou jiji says:

This is harassment ! 😳😁

Dee Montez says:

Get your cat neutered!!! This is not funny or cute, you ignorant pet owner!!!

marcey casey says:

tjatbpppr dog get that cat some sleeping pills or something to calm it done

Crypto Jihadi says:

Lol. Goes to show, you deserve the treatment you tolerate.

raul duke says:

Dogo wonders if anyone knows how much he hates this cat

Azul Cobalto says:

Ay no que calilla de gatito 🐈 y que paciencia del pobre perrito 🐕

Megan McKinley says:

Poor dog… Makes me think of the BBC guy who got shagged in the head by a rare parrot..

Huxxy says:

Have some fricken respect for another's personal space FFS

Ena 91 says:

Lol the cat is trying to mate with the dog … idk how is this cute … 😒

Patricia Strang says:

Haha..da heck of me wierdo 😁

Ryan Duong says:

cool foreplay from the cat

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