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The Boxer dog breed is well-suited to families as they are fun, smart and good natured.
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Tyson Auckerman says:

I miss mine, alot..

Ulf Berggren says:

Boxer for life

ιiαm δαιιο says:

When I have a bath my boxer opens the door comes in and drinks the water

Mr. Nin10doe says:

Omg… if one more person names there boxer “Roxie” I’m going to loose my mind.

I'LL BE BACK ! says:

Dogs spread disease.

Lisa Godin says:

These Boxers are so adorable! I met my neighbor's new Boxer, Sunday, and she's so sweet!

fuori luogo says:

Boxer rules..

Kitsunehybrid s says:

I have a boxer. And she always wants attention

Nelson Fernandez says:

I had one for dinner down in china , they taste like chicken , no gust kidding the are beautyfull , chester the one I have now is my big baby i love him

Ros Davidson says:


Brody Liening says:

1:19 who takes their phone in the shower in the first place

R G says:

The big problem with these videos is that we only see part of the screen, let’s have the FULL SCREEN!!!!!

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