Funny Angry Pets 🤣 Watch Until The End! Don't Mess With These Dogs

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Funny Angry Pets 🤣 Watch Until The End! Don’t Mess With These Dogs

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Alen cyriac cyriac says:

Dog going above sheeps says : yo ladies coming through 😎

Extreme Hardworker Ali says:

2:09 literally this one is not funny.. I told you

Onteyas Sheppard says:

2:51 he is funny I wish I had him

Indigo Lynn says:


N J says:

4:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Steven Crowther says:

Hound: YoU sHaLl nOT tRIm My nAIlS

kent Grey says:

2:49 ANSWER: "Because I CAN, lady. Because I can."

Man That Speaks truth says:


Pachice says:

3:54 is easily the funniest so far

Maya Tara says:

Some of these videos are not funny at all and make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I have 5 dogs, had 6 not so long ago and I am used to them fighting once in a while and I stop any sign of agressiveness as soon as I see it, because I know how easy they escalate for no good reason and someone ends up in the vet getting stitches. It is never a good idea to incentivize the kind of behaviors I see in some of these dogs. It's all fun and games until they snap and actually attack someone or one another. It happens, even with the sweetest and non-dangerous dogs.

Dayloz says:

7:01 she can kiss, not u.

Dayloz says:

2:10 dude went from cutting his dog's nails to his own

Joyce Romobio says:

5:48 it's like the corgi said, "don't film me hooman" hahahahaha

Johnny ScareCrow says:

7:26??? John Snow's Direwolf?

Johnny ScareCrow says:

That husky at 2:42 was clearly possessed by satan. Those devil eyes just like my X girlfriend.

Pan Fried Eviction Notice says:

There not angry they are angy

Blackenator says:

4:00 😂😂 was like! "Is that your foot on my head?🤬🤬"

JLJLJL 06 says:

The monkey and the doggo that was just cute

Dopey Worker says:

4:00 is the best.

ALCAMY says:

6:07 that was so cool!

ALCAMY says:

1:28 respect!; dropped his iphone to save the dog, many people would secure their phones first!!

Nichole Clark says:

These are not angry pets

sean says:

4:43 kingkong vs dogzilla

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