Funny Angry Dogs – Angry Dogs Compilation

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Funny Angry Dogs – Angry Dogs Compilation

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Aleinya Velasco says:

6:10 the other dog is just like im so tired of ur shit

GMDkillerKZ Rubrub says:

5:44 how i see every fortnite dance as

Mauve Ferret says:

0:15 THAT THING.. is a friggin little werewolf. Not a dog.

HappySinaForLifeYay says:

1:57 and 4:17 I laughed so hard, It won't stop XD

the dog who hates veggies says:

Thats me, when my hooman wants to give me veggies

Exotic Sniping says:

2:00 I'm weak 🤣🤣🤣

Keith McCaslyn says:

The people, especially, several in the middle of the video outta be tortured and played with the way they use thier own damn dog as an entertainment piece. you'd be pissed off to,if you were toyed with,poked at and constantly provoked. its bullshit. get a higher purpose with your life and go out and help some folks who dont have a home of thier own and help them,and for God's sake take your trained neurotic dawg for a much needed walk. it5 emotionally balances you and your dogs!! WALK them more and get grounded!! funny is funny but this is obsured!!

armedia orlando enriawan says:

angry dog small so cute 👍👍👍👍

Domenic Cardillo says:

4:33 The Kate spin 🌪

Domenic Cardillo says:

Kate spin 🌪 or Katicane🌀

Dylan_YT says:

1:47 LOL AND 1:49 LOL

Dylan_YT says:

Tiny Dog Vs Big Dog FIGHT

shocktrauma85 says:

0:27 That German Shepherd is giving him that my teeth are bigger than your head look lol.

Quantumbeef912 says:

1:03 made me die laughing💀👻

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