Funny And Goofy Corgi Dogs – Hilarious Corgi Dogs and Puppies Compilation

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Check out these adorable corgis goofing around!

You are a Corgi lover? If so this video is for you!

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Music :

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Creative Commons 鈥 Attribution 3.0 Unported鈥 CC BY 3.0 :

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Webstrike 445 says:

Corgi鈥檚 are made of happiness, smiles, everything beautiful and pugs

Akisha and peeps says:

Idk why but my nom wont let me have a corgi

Ziggy daCorgi says:

Ziggy loves it!

Jossec Reverdin says:

I really liked this. I really love dogs. 馃憤

The Misunderstood Assassin says:

Today is the 2 year anniversary of when you uploaded this compilation. 馃

EDIT- 8:15 P.M.: finishes video 11 minutes later
Corgis are so cute! I can see why Queen Elizabeth II loves them. 鈽

Marauder says:

All corgis always look happy to be alive

dr.chaos says:

My spirit animal is a corgi

alec vinson says:

Omg I love there little short legs and ear and there little bits XD

JAY VIER says:

.they're pups looks like normal puppies herenin my place.
But very recognizable because of them ears.

.ssoooo wanting one

The Van-Stealing Nobody says:

Let it be known. Full grown corgis are better than poppies

Lord Farquaad says:

I鈥檓 so glad I adopted a corgi today

Sally Hillal says:

The wife has an actual working Corgi, cute, Hilarious may be . In my opinion they are stubby legged Hyenas. Awesome dog !

Double M.M. Bunny says:

My Corgi is still smarter then you!

AS1313 says:

They are the smallest working dog. A sheep and cattle herder. They have small legs as when the cows kick they pancake. They need a lot of exercise. They are ferocious if needed to protect the herd from predators. They have beg teeth like a shepherd head on the dwarf body. The kennel club judge at a dog show described them as having no fear. If you want a lap dog they are not one. They need exercise they love to burrow in the snow. Don't let their cuteness fool you they can pack quite a punch against a predator to the herd. They are affectionate and bright. Still miss mine when I was ill he stayed by my side for six months til I recovered. Very loyal. Still miss him as he has part of my heart. Forever.

this is the bBc says:

0:05 *insert nani*

Melinda Rasmussen says:

He was like one of these corgis

Melinda Rasmussen says:

I have a corgi puppy he so adorable

Blackie 333 says:

I want corgi but my parents don't 馃檨

Esmeralda the magical cat says:


Don't wonder which one…

Elli K says:

I have a corgi And she has a huge trouble maker but I still love her

Tyler Blade says:

5:00 corgi: my worst enemy

Nori says:

My dad told me to watch this.

HylianWolf says:

B ….. bread loaves ……

wowzamaddtown says:

this video will never deserve dislikes!!!!

Stephen Phillip says:

We had a corgi (Candy) in the '70s and '80s and most of the antics on this video, Candy did (except twerking)! She LOVED snow and also could hear you bite into an apple from anywhere in the house (she had very selective bad hearing though).
Still miss her after all these years- she was a great companion and just wanted to have fun and be a member of our "pack".

Johnny鈥檚 Bricks says:

0:06 You died, click to respawn.

Tank The Hedgehog 105 says:


thumpdragsounds says:

legend has it that corgi still has the beer box on his head

Just A Nerd says:

i have a corgi and he is a very majestic doggo

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