Funny and Cute Vizsla Dog Videos 2017 – Funny Dogs Compilation

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antonio lamanna says:

Ci sono persone mettono non mi piace ma dico io i cani ho qualsiasi animali sono meglio di voi

S LEE says:

Wow they are so cute and sweet. Havent seen that kind of dog before.

Kipp Parnaby says:

It’s like having a famous person with you. I get stopped all the time so people can ask questions about him

Caleigh Taylor says:

3:36 me in the morning when my alarm goes off


The 1st clip, that man has the Hands Of Love

Satya Chettri says:

😱omg ds dogs r really flexible and extra ordinary than other breeds though I love ol breeds

Zoltan Szegi says:

I from hungary, and never i had beefore a vizsla. In my town its minimum 100 of them so i think next time i Bay for me 1

Zac Wright-Turner says:

My 1 acts like such a baby

Cia Artin says:

5:45 . . . and an "arrr roo ruu roo arrarr arrr" to you too. 😁😁😁😁😁

Melinda Pöll says:

Want to know for what a vizsla needs a spike collar!!! It is a shame for every dog owner if he thinks to needs this. I am shocked! Thank god in Austria it is a crime to use spike or e- collars!

s r says:


Cristina Queiroz says:

Ainda bem, que existem os animais como seus verdadeiros filhos. Eles são incrivelmente espertos, divertidos e nos amam verdadeiramente. Muito amor à todos. ❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶

TehZee says:

Omg these are sweet dogs….

Lorranna Gabriella says:


Pul5ar says:

5:01 – I wish my dog would react to a bath like that. He has a look on his face as if to say "How could you do this to me?! I thought you loved me!"

MKLA HLK says:


Blessy C says:

Very big baby boi 🌴 😐

Milady Torres says:

Beautiful dogs

jup iter says:

please pray for me to buy a house with a big yard so i would have 2 of this angels.thank you

Skyla Wolf says:

I got vyzsla!!!😀😀😀

Exatamenty Zen says:

Eu amo esses lindinhos !!
Me emociono só de ver .

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