Funny And Cute Jack Russell Terrier Videos Compilation 2017 – Funny Dog Video

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phillip harden says:

After seeing this it reminds me of my regret of not allowing my Jack / Sadie the chance to have a litter of pups. They are so precious I didn't think I would be able to part with any of them. Jacks make very good companions!

Neville says:

A litter jacks is way past adorable, but a house with a liter of adolescent jacks borders on insanity.

Dona Dona says:

I love my Jack Russell puppy Milo he’s so cute 😍 funny 😂 and smart 😍

Jane Cerrone says:

Yes, frustrate the poor dog with the balloon. Idiots.

Deborah Troutman-Immink says:

Such a smart and entertaining breed!!
We love our girl JRT, Rue.

Denise Chirieix says:

Jadoreeeee 💖

Deevo037 says:

0:44 My dog used to do exactly that after a bath.

Shi Hua says:


Jake says:

I wanna punch the girl who has that poor dog on a treadmill. So dangerous and it’s going so fast.

고고고 says:

다들 역시나 귀엽구나♡♡

Rekha Chouhan says:


Ny-kel Cameron says:

1:51 has to be my favorite!!!

Abigail Cahill says:

Omg vacuum dog lol 🐶

Karina Karina says:


kathmandoo says:

I had a male Jacky and he was the love of my life. He died at age 18 which was amazing and I miss him SO much. He was a typical arrogant male Jacky. He had NO fear and could run like the wind.
He had no shades of grey. It was black and white. He loved you Or he ignored you. He was so funny but could be SO affectionate when it suited him.
They are an amazing breed and they will test you all of the way but you cant help loving them – so intelligent.

Jitendra kumar says:

I love it very good video 😍🐶🐶🐕🐶🐩🐩🐩🐹🐺🐴🐭

Dave Schilling says:

Best dogs.. ^^

Paran Gill says:

3 :30 pups are so cute😘😘

8010759145 Tiwari says:

Good dog🐶🐶

Kusum Yadav says:


eifeldude1 says:

Not all of this is funny. Some of it is mean

Kuldeep Bal says:


Pinky Rawat says:

So cute and funny dogs I love dogs

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