Funniest and Cutest Pug Dog Videos Compilation 2020

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Rosita Zanetta says:

Sono meravigliosi

Дима Макаров says:

Здарова из России

Hailey Pech-Mao says:

Cute pugs cute puppies or just nice for life

sankari ganesaraja says:

They are cute and also Cheetah .
Because they put magic on us and get the food from us

Dina Lopez says:

Thank you for the video its very nice

DinoBacon55 says:

Bro yours videos is soo gud
Fuck all the words the pepole say i love your videos BRO I LUV U AND PUGS

Lucas Pinheiro Machado says:

I rejoice my day

* Y o y i L o v e s C o f f e e * says:

4:46 (QvQ) My heart…. So sad and Cute😊

The pug: Please… Don’t leave me…..

J J says:

They are so smart and cute. The baby saying mama, I just fell in love with. J.J. Love 4 U Pugs ❤❤❤❤👍

Yoking Master says:

good video is very funn

Raica Marinho says:

l love pugs 😍

Barwry Offical says:

Gorgeous gorgeous


1:40 🔥💛❤
👇 👇 👇 👇💕

Donald gash says:

That’s so adorable

Génesis Nahomy Vásquez Medina says:

So cute and Pop Love Pug

Wajihah Begum says:

Who loves pugs

Daniela Ngom says:

I don't understand why so many people let their animals get so fat…I don't want to be mean but it's really unhealthy….

DragonIsBad says:

First to comment I don’t know what to say though but LOL

King 1985 legend says:

I love pugs

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