Funniest and Cutest Pug Dog Videos Compilation 2020 – Cutest Puppy #7

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Shanmuga Priya says:

I am like and love pug puppies

Lorrin Freeman says:

Puggy are you a good boy?

My pug name Puggy

I think that’s what thy said in the video

Lorrin Freeman says:

Pug: I want coke give me coke! Now

Coke: nope not today

Later when the video is over late at night the pug is still trying and never gets it lol

Funny Pets Moments says:

Me: see's thumbnail :O how did that stuffed animal bite ;-;

Renata La mona says:

Enchiladas de yakult

Gurwinder Singh says:

So cute puppies

Cinthya Madriz says:

Soy una fan de puppy lovers☆○

dpm329 says:

So cute 😁

Ирэн says:

06:48 😍😍😍 обожаю мужчин, которые обожают мопсиков 🤗😄

Cath Gordon says:

God bless you and your new pug!!
Our pug is named Moo Shu!

popu lps says:

I love bug dogs♥

MarvelousMaddy says:

OMG!!! How cute. I have a dog channel too for all those dog lovers.

Calinton Barcless says:

0:18 is me when I was a kid no real I did do that

Thelittleangel Roblox says:

Pugs are my dream pet but I found a puggle that is a newborn and I’m picking her up in 8-9 days!!

Calinton Barcless says:

2:38 is me when I was a kid for real not kidding

Calinton Barcless says:

Man do I love pugs there so cute and amazing and adorable and so funny I I I just NEED one

MAXGTA 1999 says:

Hermosos perritos

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