Funniest and Cutest Pug Dog Videos Compilation 2020 – Cutest Puppy #1

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Gonzalo Ojeda says:

Que lindo yo le regalaria uno al hermano de Mi Amiga Bianca por que su perra o sea la mama de sus hijos fue atropellada por una Moto pero seria una buena idea regalarle ese perro al hermano de Bianca

Shim Jennifer says:

How cute…………
Cuteness alert!!!

jana šáriová says:

I have pug too

Szonja Larissza says:

I love pugs😍😍❤️❤️

james hardin says:

Pugs are the best people on Earth….

Bindu Potts Playz says:

So cute!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Pamela Luna says:

Soy la única que abla español 🤔

max pug says:

Amazing dog

Jane Susilowati says:

Pugs are the best.Love pugs.

Calinton Barcless says:

Pugs are the best dogs in the world so cute and sweet and smart I love pugs so much

Zahir Otaku says:

0:18 f por el pug

Landon Nemergut says:

Just a normal day watching a pug hump a green stuffed animal

Annabell Deymos says:

Nice doggie

Pomeranian dog Macana says:

Very funny 😂😂. I make funny videos of my Pomeranian dog 🐕

Pragmatic News says:

There is love of course. And then there's life, its enemy. Do you mind checking my content 💖 🙂 – Puppy Lovers

Süleyman Kapusuzoglu says:

this video is very impressive like

Barwry Officials says:

Let us the tour tills was a so we all have to do care for

Barwry Officials says:

Let us the tour tills was a so we all have to do

Pawsies says:

Lol they are so funny 😂

Pan Rybka says:

Łapka w górę pozdrawiam

LA KORA says:

1:30 no pansus

Pugsly7500 says:

At this rate, pugs will conquer the world with their cute faces and chunky bodies!

murielle pompeia says:

In so cute 🥰🥰🥰

SocialBounty Make Money App says:

Hey lets be youtube buddies roWw

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