Fortune dumplings by dog chef! Cute & funny dachshund video!

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Despite the fact that now we are not at home, tomorrow, together with all Russia we will celebrate a very interesting holiday! It is called Old New Year (or easier to understand – New Year by the old calendar)! As you can see, we love to celebrate very much, so we think up holidays for almost any reason!
On this day, traditionally all family makes and then eat fortune dumplings! (or it called “fortune pierogi” on English?)! It’s like fortune cookies, but dumplings! What you will get from the dumpling will come true next year! You can add anything to dumplings! For example, a thread means a long journey, sugar – a sweet life, and a wheel is a new car!!!
This year I decided to please my parents and make dumplings by mysel! After all, I am one of the best dog chef in the World, as it seems to me!
I hope you enhoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video!
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Helen Johana Yatacue says:

😍🤩😋Doxie Din!!! 🤗🤗🤗… 🙈🙊

Nelli says:

Дин, какой же ты милый!!!

ТНТ 16 says:

Я бы попробовал пожалуйста сделай пельмешки

hEaThEr SpIlLs A tEa says:

Wish that dog can serve me food 😭😭

hejo 1000 says:

Love you dog

michaelpants ytp says:

Do you watch crusoe

La Aurora .M says:

Bravo! 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

Мария Маркина says:

У меня уже 2ая политкорректность получилось

Мария Маркина says:

Обожаю Дина,у меня такое же чудо, лучше такс нет породы

TaKo says:

У папы не будет зуба,но будет новая машина. Повезло!

олеся бутримова says:

Дин, клёвый!!! Привет ему от подружек-тоек! Мы всегда вместе с ними смотрим видео Дина и смеемся!!! Спасибо, вам!!!



Itz_Panda _Gacha says:

Doxie and Crusoe are the best doggy vloggers ever! He is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeeeee :3 ♥️

Oak Tree says:

Brilliant, busy, handsome Doxie Din❣️ Are these treats supposed to have a surprise in them?

Ele e Ela says:

hahaha… um beijo meu no seu focinho.

Lmystery Dmystery says:

String? Car wheels? Sugar cubes??? This must be what your doxie likes best!

Мария Маркина says:


Ddrsdd D says:

Daddy needs to learn how to eat his food slowly, not just wolf it down without even thinking about it!

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