Ep#1: QUARANTINE LIFE – Funny Wiener Dogs Staying Home!

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Yay! We’re back! Crusoe and Daphne the adorable little dachshunds are here for their first episode of Season 5, where they are stuck at home so put together a #Quarantinevlog about how they are busy finding ways to keep busy.. and cause mischief!

Crusoe and Daphne start off by learning about the virus and what’s happening, so they go gear up in their HAZMAT suits (and bee suit) to protect themselves, but then they learn all they need to do is #StayHome to stay safe.

So, this cute and funny dog video details Crusoe and Daphne’s day-by-day adventures and antics of staying busy and having fun at home, which often involves driving Mum bonkers and causing a ruckus. But hey, #dogs will be dogs!

And on a serious note, everyone please stay safe and healthy. Thanks for watching, and please stay home and practice physical distancing.

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williamao the coronao says:

Daphne is doing better at speaking from what I can see, which is cute


All days! This kinda shows what my cat does but with laziness added! πŸ˜€

ArtOutWithYourHeARTOut says:

Definitely the band practice!

Bailey The Golden Retriever says:

7:18 πŸ˜‚ lol

julia mahler says:

oh thank you! just what I needed today!

Donnette Martin says:

They can go outside you know

Mythical Skitz says:

Where is Oakley ???????

ana belkys montilva galvis says:


J Luke Wilson says:


Daphne and Caruso:health regulations . Board up door and puts saftey costumes back on

Sam P says:

LOL tthnks guys….ya' know, haven't worn lipstick in 2.5 mos.. due to wearing mask….

kam tv says:

I will get a pet weiner dog one dayπŸ•πŸΆ.

Kaydan Clements says:

Daphne is prepared πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kool kat says:

And you should love my videos too ok

Kool kat says:

Just stay home

MC - 04MV - Eldorado PS (1505) says:

is Oakley and Crusoe the same dogs?

MC - 04MV - Eldorado PS (1505) says:

where do you get the voices for Daphne and Crusoe?

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