Ep #6: BATDOG vs. BANE – (Cute Dachshund & Pug in Funny Dog Video)

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This video is designed for persons 13 years old and over. Mature themes may be present.

In episode 6 of The Crusoe Show, Crusoe the #Dachshund is in his handmade dog costume of #BATDOG obviously based on the #Batman superhero. He is wondering the streets, aggrandizing himself and soaking in the glory of his stardom and fame as the egotistical and babe-seeking superhero he is.

As you will see, BATDOG does not appreciate being called a cute dog, in fact he prefers the term “sexy” and will probably trip you if you call him something like cute.

BATDOG goes on to order a hot dog from a hot dog cart, but when they deny him purchase based on discrimination, once again BATDOG is not so happy. As the video progresses, we see BATDOG’s nemesis, BANE track down his whereabouts and come after him to finally destroy him.

They have a quick run around the park, and then settle for the final battle to the death – which is conducted via Rock Paper Scissors, to which BATDOG uses his cunning to defeat BANE.

In the end, without Bane’s special muscle-pumping hose and mask attachment, he shrinks to a scrawny little chihuahua and runs away!

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Timothy Mckee says:

Bane's voice is Sean Connery from SNL Celeb Jeopardy!

Ms. Moreno says:

Do you think this chanel will be under attack by the new YouTube rule staring December ????

Neja Adams says:

So sorry, but Batdog IS soooo Cute!!! <3


This is the cutest vid I ever watch

Sharon Duijvenvoorde says:


Jenney Spykerman says:

That's soooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach Grohman says:

There shouldn't have been talking
Dogs use broken down English

Hailey Sanchez says:

Batdog is cute!!

Tadas Ivoška says:

Create Ep 7 Crusoe Are spiderman

Hacker Corgi says:

Danananananananananananana BAD DOG
-bat BAD DOG

cat's are OKAY . dog's are OKAY too. says:

nanananan BATDOG

OfficialモᴘαXιαl亲 says:

go go go batdog

Fern Miller says:

This is my new favourite BATDOG! 😁

Beverly Marlowe says:

Love 💕 this video

Lucky packer. says:

Batdog is best

Cathy Moss says:

I can not stop smiling

Idorenyin Hope says:

What a Thriller😁!
Well done batdog 🦇

Brad Boldman says:

So cute! one of the funniest ones yet!! I m Batdog!! love you

Brenda Parker says:

Batdog rules!! Awesome job Crueso!!

Mikes Karaoke says:

Batdog should save councilor Murray 😂

FinnTheKitten II says:

I can’t wait to see scare pup

Aaron TCK says:

3:19 as a pug lover I am very offended

Semie Abel says:

Its so cute seeing Crusoe as Batdog😊😊😊👏🏼

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