Ep #5: The Dogs Go to The Library! – Cute & Funny Dachshund Video!

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In this episode, Crusoe and Oakley the #dachshunds are making a visit to their local #library to read some books and maybe get into a bit of funny doggy mischief (mostly from Oakley’s side of things!)

Of course, things do not go as planned! First, Crusoe learns from the librarian that he has a few embarrassing books that are past-due.

The dogs go on a search for what books they should read, while Oakley the dachshund comes up with some weird ideas as jokes. Finally they find their books and start reading, but Oakley’s book isn’t quite what he likes, plus he learns #dogs need to wear glasses to be able to read human language! So he has to go steal a pair of glasses. He also finds himself some pretty funny jokes by scanning his butt on the photocopier and more.

In the end, the library comes crashing down when Oakley, like all dachshunds, is obsessed with getting a treat from out under the shelf, and inadvertently sends the whole thing toppling down.

But luckily, it was all just a dream. Or was it?

Thanks for watching our cute dog skits and videos. Big thanks to our local Halton Hills Public Library for letting us film there!

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Thomas proud:Fortnite says:

0:35 her voice 😂😂😂

Sharon Sloane says:

Love this episode and the librarian played the perfect part – so funny!

DimiBro PlayGamer13 says:

This is so good! I like it! Keep up good work Crusoe and Oakley!

Raquel Lei says:

The boys are always funny, but the librarian stole the show!!🤣🤣🤣. Shh! Shh! Shh! Crusoe’s Dad has many voices!🤣🤣🤣😝

Mia Pasag says:

Crusoe and Oakley's videos always brought smile and joy to my day. Keep it up!!! Looking forward to behind the scenes portion. Can't wait for Daphne to be a star. Have 2 dachshunds of my own. All the best!

Emilio Rosas says:

bookshelf’s fall

Librarian: Shush!

Eileen Lester says:


Jason Kehler says:

Oh yes the end segments are great!!

Cheryl Bailey says:

I love the behind the scenes stuff!

chihuahuabulldog says:

Yes! More behind the scenes. I always enjoy seeing how you make these fun videos. <3

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