Ep #2: Crusoe & Oakley are TOURISTS in Ottawa! – (Cute & Funny Dog Travel Video)

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Crusoe and Oakley the mini #dachshunds are visiting #OTTAWA of Ontario, Canada!

The two dogs are dressed as cute, goofy #tourists to explore the beautiful city of Ottawa, including many of the dog-friendly things to do as well as some of the other non-dog things, too!

The boys start their adventure in Major’s Park in downtown, visiting the Parliament. Then the pups head to the Museum of Nature to check out the squirrel exhibit? No, the dinosaur exhibit! The dogs got special permission to go and film in the museum, which was awesome, but is not generally dog friendly!

Then they get a hot dog at Tavern on the Hill, an awesome hot dog joint with an incredible view of the river and Parliament. Oakley gets a bit of mustard on his face!

Finally they hop on a bus tour to make their way to a hockey game! That’s right, these two funny dachshunds get their own seats at a Ottawa Sens game!

Thank you to Ottawa Tourism for helping organize our fun stops. Learn more and visit Ottawa yourself: https://www.ottawatourism.ca/

Special thanks to the establishments and businesses that let us film their with dogs! Always appreciate local community members who help us on videos:

Museum of Nature: https://nature.ca/en/home
Hot dogs: https://www.tavernonthehillottawa.com/
Canadian Tire Center: http://www.canadiantirecentre.com/ottawa-senators/

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Crusoe the Dachshund says:

What was your favorite 'stop' from our travels?? ๐Ÿ˜„

Juanita Nave says:

Loved it! These two brighten my day. Love ya both. And Daphne too!โคโคโค

Sumi Yu says:

sssssooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee

MM Billionaire says:

Wienersaur! Haha cute

Crystal sanchez says:

hahahahaha I am so sorry but this is just so adorable i am grinning from ear to ear.

Kirsten Bass says:

They need little sunglasses.

Check Creeper says:

My teacher: whatโ€™s a bunch of moose called

Everyone: Meese?

Check Creeper says:

Derp those are geese

Check Creeper says:

Lol letโ€™s see if this is all true… me live in the Canada

Me live Edmonton

John Grillo says:

Can you do Jurassic wiener 2

mitza and jojo's dumb channel says:

Are you guys actually dogs

laura meinhart says:

Hey guys come visit us on CDMX, i'll be your guide. Oakley intelligent and lovely as usual ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿค— i love your old fashion map and camera, and crosoe ๐Ÿ‘Œyour're the best, and Daphne at the end of the video she looks so nice! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

jack page says:

when crusoe said fanny pack i was also wearing a fanny pack

Mathieu Leader says:


Mathieu Leader says:

Oat sounds like Mike Macdonald

Jaeger Jaegy says:

my dog loves your doggo 4 news

James Ray says:

Make Oakley a channel and call it โ€˜โ€™Oakley the dachshundโ€™โ€™

Robert Pucci says:

Great job guys!!!!

Pablo - Roblox says:

Everybody subscribe to crusoe pls

xydoit says:

Such a good doggies

xydoit says:

This is like a series for children.

Kayre Jones says:

Loved the tour…our favorite was the Doxie Dino!

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