Don't trust cute dachshund eyes vol.2! Funny dog video!

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I’m a big liar! And often I lie not to get something (an extra food for example), but just to play a trick with my parents! It’s so funny to see fooled face of my daddy!
But now, my daddy does not fall into the traps so easily! Do you remember the tale of the boy who shouted – wolves?
I hope you enjoy my funny dachshund dog video! And remember – don’t trust cute dachshund eyes!
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Gicinha Giza says:

Kkkkkkk 🤣🤣 que graçinhaaaaaaas😍

Theresa Love's Doxie Din! says:

I had to came back & watch this one again!♥💜♥💜

Marlene Fernandez says:


Vivian Jacinto says:


Cameron González says:


Ana Nascimento says:

Eu amo ele d+♡

caterina venturiero says:

Dai che forte!! 🤣😂Con le ciabatte infradito non ti si può vedere!!😆🐾🐞ma sei simpatico e bello.!🎈🐤🍭sto morendo 😂😂😂🤣

Teresa Sossa says:

They're just number one!! Love them deeply. Best breed ever.

Carla Marzan says:

your a cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dog and i love your video sooooooooooooo much

Andreia R S S says:

Eu tenho um salsicha safado! Mas esse seu se superou!

Bernardo Arruda says:

melhor raça de cão

Bernardo Arruda says:

best dog breed

Alen Peter says:

Absolutely true!

Екатерина Лист says:

Ох они самые хитрые. Моя делает глаза, я не ела 2 недели, я бедная… Хотя только что поела. Хаха. Умные они слишком

Christian Becker says:

Trauen Sie niemals den Augen eines Dackels.

Adventures of Max Dachshund says:

Ha ha………nice

Нина Шматкова says:

Привет от Вольта

Любовь Ковалева says:

Все так!

King Ghidorah says:

This is so correct though

Eunice Tabilin says:

Love you Doxie. You make my day happy.

Sergey Levin says:

Такса Дин,ты очень милый

luchy tejada says:

eso es lo mas lindo de la istoria

Полина Алборова says:

Это точно! Мой меня тоже гипнотизирует

Екатерина Игоревна says:

ахаха!Это лучшее что я видела за последнее время😂

Sanchita Rasmussen says:

I like your dog… Is soooo cutee

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