Dogs vs Ghostface Prank : Funny Dogs Louie and Marie

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Dogs vs Ghostface Prank : Cute Dogs Louie and Marie
Ghostface from Scary Movie tries to domesticate and prank cute and funny beagle dogs Louie & Marie.
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Louie is a cute , funny , derpy beagle dog and together with his little beagle sister Marie they are always up to mischief.
Cute dogs , minions , costume pranks like Deadpool and Jigsaw , birthday parties , bounce house beagle parties , puppies and much much more!

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Louie The Beagle says:

Yes , i always keep a medieval battle axe in my fridge….just in case 😂😋

Haris Ayub VLogs says:

dogs can recognize you with smell not with appearence
1 like= 1 love fro dogs

AmericanRelic2hear says:

Lol!!! So cute!!!! 😂🤗👏💖

10000 subscribers without any video says:

Dog easily identify you your smell

Anais sampaio says:

Adoro para rir tenho muito atago de rir

Dgtssdd says:


Katrina Orata says:

Cute dogs so much i like it 😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺

Deepa Sarma says:

It feeled like real ghost wanted to train beagle

charlotte newman says:

hahahahahaha this is way too funny

everclearrrh says:

where's the cringe button

santosh Pandey says:

Lol 😂😂

BABITA singh says:

Bengal all the best

AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473) says:

the dogs are actors

Aracely Rojos says:

Jajajaja jajajaja

Marie Tomlinson says:

Not cool for kids

توته توته says:


Xzynne says:

Lmao this is too cute!

fly one says:

My cat takes my feather duster and rips the feathers out of it.

رورو رورو السعدي says:

أنجب احسلك لا يضحك ولا ايخوف وبعد لاسوهن هذني الحركات البارحه مثلك

Nikhil Dhuri says:

Dog can smell you

Mércia Maria says:

Amei lindos ,todos vocês

Miriam Balseiro says:

Vfd3e3e33e3e42333e3e33333e333433333y y el Edgar que dice le gusto de 3e333333333333w3e3e333ee333e333333333333333333333333333333324334433333333ee37qw frr3 3eere2errr443345444334ee33rerereeee34r4rŕrrrrrrrrreeérrrrrrrrrrrere3e3eeee3344333

Saif Rahman says:


Amer Gamal Fadl says:

بينا انها لعب

عامر العامي says:

هههههههه حلو و الي عربي يقول انت رهيب

Jillian Clark says:


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