Dogs vs Dinosaurs: Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Penny & Triceratops

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny & Potpie Battle Giant Triceratops Dinosaurs! These cute beagle dogs explore the jungle and find a baby dinosaur behind a tree just as if they were in Jurassic Park! Each dog gives the little dinosaur toys to play with, including a remote controlled car, coloring books, and other toys for kids. When the parents of the little dino show up, however, the dogs don’t know what to do! Watch the dog/dino family fun unfold at Maymo’s house, which has become a Jurassic World!

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“Puppy Tales” by Stationary Sign
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“Un Jour Étrange” by Joe E. Lee



The kissing dino is the BEST !!!!

MAYstory[메이] TV says:

Oh..lovely story~~Good!!!♡♡♡♡

Mister Bebe says:

0:41 owww

Stephanie Harman says:

As zk morning was t

Silvania Beatriz says:

Que coisa fofinha

Silvania Beatriz says:

Tricerátops que fofinho

Aiah Reyes says:

Oh. I. Like. That. Cute. Dog

María de los Ángeles Kemper says:

Maymo love you dog

SLN Kampongsom says:


dino y blak original says:


geeta mishra says:

So cuteeee 😍 love u maymoo

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