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Dogs Throwing Tantrum
Dogs and puppies can sometimes behave like babies if they don’t like something, and throw temper tantrums, which looks so adorable and cute.

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SquidBear says:

That last one was kinda mean.

Laura Willits says:

I love dogs, but my cats won't let me get one. I'm kitty whipped.

Gany Meade says:

The mistake these humans are making is not adapting to their dogs' personalities. It is a relationship; not command and control. You cannot get any good from you dog if you do not understand that.

Gany Meade says:

Just like us, dogs are entitled to get angry. We must learn how to communicate with them and make them happy and meet their needs. Love the back talk. Part of the problem is that these people do not know how to talk to their dogs or make them happy. Neutering these poor dogs and tending to their emotional needs will calm them down.

mydogsioux says:

People who dock tails and ears are horrible, disgusting losers.

Darkmindedbutterfly says:

Charlieโ€™s was the funniest reminds me of my kids.

the artist says:

Thats what my dog does 2:04

Tina Schmidt says:

These are not tantrums! These are expressions of pure joy! When a dog throws a tantrum, he sulks, poops where he's not supposed to, or rips up the trash.

Andrea True says:

These are some strong pet owners. I would hug them and give them a treat for cuteness.

Sarah Grieg says:

Donโ€™t let that one outside after a bath! Lol

Lily Collins says:

That's soopo cute๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’•

carmensaify says:

Did she say "say please!"? Lol

Comments to the Right says:

My dog gets mad and just poops on the floor. It's kinda like his protest sign. Lol

Timothy Roberts says:

Do these dogs think they are beinng abused ?

joanofarc33 says:

The very first dog is in play mode, he isnโ€™t having a tantrum.

Nickel TheHoff says:

I'm not surprised to see so many boxers in this!

slamtimeson says:

omg puppers, this makes me so happy

Dorothy Hubbard says:

Are any of these dogs on psychological medication?? Just curious.

Brauna Richmond says:

OhhhhmyGravy!!! Soooo cute. BTW, Iโ€™m scared to death of dogs because I got attacked when I was 4 yrs old and have scars on my face, however, I truly enjoyed this video. I wish I wasnโ€™t so scared of dogs. It really really looks like they understand what people are saying to them.

Fernando Rodriguez says:

Son adorable ๐Ÿ˜ Att Madeline

Philliwolf5 says:

Not very assertive dog owners. Seen a lot of these types as mothers too. No discipline at all.

Roger Scott says:

Obviously hooman u iz unawares my spot been moved onto couch!

michael scott says:

Teasing an animal with food is always a good time……..for losers.

David Roudebush says:

Dogs are cuter than children

ekelley4444 says:

All I can say is …Thank you Lord… for dogs.

B H says:

I bet all these peopleโ€™s houses stink like disgusting ass wet dogs ๐Ÿคข

Sandy Juergens says:

Go to your spot! Dog: I don't want to! I said no! 1:36๐Ÿ˜

Joseph M says:

Dogs are much more honest and loyal friends than humans.

๐ŸŒน says:

Joanne Kieff

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