Dog vs Funny Babies Daycare Disaster! Funny Dog Maymo

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Watch Funny Dog Maymo vs Funny Babies Daycare Disaster! try not to laugh as you watch this cute beagle dog run his very own baby daycare center. Maymo tries to keep the babies happy by pushing the babies in a swing, going for a walk in a carriage, and playing with toys…all of which end in complete disaster! This is one of those funny baby videos you won’t want to miss!! Stick around until the end to watch a giant baby come out of nowhere to prank cute puppy dog Maymo!

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Emília Fragoso says:

Que fofo ! Amo muito 😁❤️

Kênia Mara Veríssimo Silva says:

E se cachorro E.bonito

Sushi and Runt says:

Well I got some laughs… but my mind is blown.

chihuahuabulldog says:

Oh Maymo! What a rowdy group of youngins. I had to back it up and re-watch 1:12. At first I thought you had taken that little girl by the neck, but it was her shoulder. How did you know that she, like the others, liked extreme sports? It looks like their parents chose the right daycare for their wild children. I must say though, I was a bit disappointed when you did not deflate that big baby. If I had any grandchildren I would enroll them in your daycare…or at least threaten them with it! Great teaching video. hehehe <3

Rishel Schimmel says:

Mayo sure knows how to take care of babies except for the whacked out one at the end!

Suze Munnings says:

Maymo is a good babysitter 😂

MRZ-1 says:

11-5-19 EST : WHAT A KICK BUTT DAY CARE/ going to send my "DAD" he needs a good kick in the behind.SUPER THANKS MAYMO/ SHILOH (TN)

Regina Franck says:

Nice Video
The big Baby is so cool

Flor The Frenchie says:

Poor babys! Hilarious video! 😂

MAYstory[메이] TV says:

Oh…kkkkk so scary….but funny

Anonymous says:

Моя дочка расплакалась не надо выставлять такие видео. Дети бояться.👎👎👎

Mind Massage says:

Go to my channel if you want to see a massive fluffy dog sitting down and eating his dinner like a human

K O says:

omg I love this channel so much it's so funny 😂😂😂😍😍😍

paula regina camilo santana says:

Maymo e demais kkk❤❤❤

pointer dog 2 says:

Stick to cooking Maymo!!! LOL!

Louie The Beagle says:

I’m sending my 17 month old baby over right now! Let me get a box and poke some holes in it first 😂👍❤️🐶

Sávio Mendes says:

Maymo uma babá quase perfeita kkk

Maria elena diduszyn says:

That gigantic Baby is swell,

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