Dog Unimpressed by Skeletons: Funny Dog Maymo

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Watch Funny Dog Maymo be Unimpressed by a group of spooky Skeletons! This cute beagle dog is playing by himself when he is interrupted by a group of scary skeletons who have somehow emerged from a grave and coffin at a haunted graveyard. If this is a prank it is a total fail, because the cute dog is not scared…instead he becomes friends with every skeleton he meets. Watch the motley crew eat dinner, go to a concert where Maymo and the skeletons dance away the night…and more! It’s Halloween all year at Maymo’s house!

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“Some Different Molecules” by Josef Bel Habib
“Habanera Cruise” by Tiki Tiki
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bust theft crue bust theft crue says:

Such a cute 🐕

Алиса лиса says:

Они на нитках я видела

princy and joy jessica princy says:

there are threads for skeletons

Lori Favela says:

you really know how to go all out. The faces and expressions on Maymos, face😁😁😂😂😂🤣😂😂😁😁😂😂😂

Andres Cicinelli says:

Sé re nota que están colgados

Nancy Nolan says:

Poor Maymo @ 0:45 Oh no Dude, not again! OMG I laughed so hard @ 1:45 I did a spit take and at 1:53 my husband came running in to see what was the matter!

lira 309 says:

very funny maymo you are a funny dog ​​and number 1

Erica Christy says:

This was great. I died laughing 💀 when he took the skeletons arm off at the table.

demon drinks demon cret says:

É muito fofo esse maymo

Palou The Fake Dalmatian says:

Nice one Maymo-oouf. I shitted my pants-oouf just by seeing the video-oouf. Gonna come back to ky kitchen. After I cleaned-ouuf my self-oouf

Tvessha Gupta says:

Hey make some vlogs dude

ビーグル犬 ハピちゃん Happy Chan The Beagle says:

So adorable !! Maymo 💕

Winston Pangestu says:

This skeletons like chocho or brook hehe,?!.

Ste Bur says:

I see maymo the dog playing with his toy but then the skele
ton comes in the scene I think maym
o the dog will kill it in the end

Soy valeria TV says:

is sou funny

shirou شيروو says:


Life of zzimong says:

So cute skeleton family 😂

Dori says:

Maymo is such a precious beautiful baby. His friends sure know how to party. I thought I would die when he was in the back seat, so innocently sniffing the air anticipating a fun ride. Do the neighbors know Maymo’s (Penny’s and PotPie’s) parents are crazy? Ha ha. As always, LOVED the video.

Priya Patel says:

Where is Potpie n Penny just missed them too badly but loved to watch my cutie pie Maymo

Priya Patel says:

Maymo’s reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jackie Christian says:

Yep! dinner at my house impresses my beagle the same way! HYSTERICAL!

두리현서 says:

maymo: hey butler、if you dont listen to me、you will be skeleton too!!!!

geeta mishra says:

So funny 😂😂😄😄

Chamnapa Sutthijun says:

I love skeleton band Maymo said ,,

Steven Zack says:

Maymo knows a real ninja is unfazed by a skeletal invasion.

Patti DelMercado says:

I was funny until I saw the other dog sitting in a kennel just watching. Your dogs' happiness is more important than your stupid videos.

sidzy kool says:

skeletons are no more than snacks for maymo buddy…

Yurico Beagle says:


keyla Ceja says:

Good video!! l love you maymo and penny😙❤🐶🐶

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