Dog Butts | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

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From dogs scratching their butts on the couch, corgi butts in tights, to puppies trying to chase their tails, these are just a few of the dog butts you’ll find in this dog butts video compilation.

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Eve's world stop motion and animation says:

lemme get that bootylololololol

Feeny says:

Aww I hate when dogs try to each there butt but can't ;C

Shelby :3 says:

0:28 G O A L S

Yareli Esmerio says:

I like to lick my dogs butt

Me and The Doggos says:


When your bro/sis wants to play a game of

Try And Escape The Room Without Being Pulled Back In

Darken NoShinka says:

Silly babies

HyrulChic says:

That dogs ass is THICC

Aaron Knox says:


I’m FamouslyGood says:

This is perverted

SmølEffectsシ says:

1:15 he was like stop making fun of my shaggy BUTT CAUSE everyone got one looks back that shaggy ass u got there is the same one I got here

Winston says:

00:25 that dog is T H I C C

Megan's lps says:

Although the last one wasn't funny stop that little chihuahua he's going to get hurt

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