Cute German Shepherd Dog Videos Will CHANGE Your WHOLE DAY – Funny Animals Compilation

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Cute and Adorable German Shepherd dogs playing with owners and having fun.
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I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?. says:

I had a Shepherd and a cat and they were absolutely friends and my cat had a litter of kittens but sadly she got hit by a car and after that my Shepherd took care and looked after them as if they were his own. He was so gentle and sweet to them all and that has stuck with me and why I would recommend this breed to everyone. They're loyal beyond words and the best four legged friend you can ever have. And all dogs are great but Shepherd's in my opinion are the smartest and most loyal but maybe that's just my experience lol.

David Hutchinson says:

Best dogs ever. German Shepherds are the most intelligent, most protective and the most fun.

bartua says:

No, it didnt change my day.

Abdul Hafiz says:

5:17 poor dog that's super dangerous his back probably got cut up from that steel cover

Coy Mcclatchey says:

My German Shepard does that ever time she gets in trouble too and I can't stay mad it's to fucking cute

Madina Emerson says:

I'm a cat person but this is adorable

rob feld says:

Soo easy to train. My GS gets my hat, shoes, soda, beer, wallet, boots, smokes, jacket, treats, gloves, and whatever I want to teach her. She puts everything in my hands. She knows each and doesn't mess up. I tap my chest and she runs at me, jumps, and I catch her. I tell her, get my boots and say they're upstairs or down. When she brings one I say go get the other. My last GS got my soda (plastic bottle) from fridge and put it in my hands. Then would put the empty in recycling bin. They deserve more credit than I because they're just Soo smart and loyal.

Moonlight Bae says:

I dont understand how can Chinese people eat these precious creatures

Jenni G says:

This is so cute it literally just made my day brighter i love it its so so so so so so so so. So so CUTE綾

Mark Farro says:

This video was sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute

judyhun504 says:

I love me some German Shepherd,, I have 2

Treviyon Brite says:

709 is not funny

Treviyon Brite says:

These dogs lol

Sugerlump 36 says:

0:18 Oh my god my sister's german shepherd does that ITS FUNNY BUT GETS ANNOYING

Hyden says:

The sound of the footsteps of 2:57 it's the same of Minecraft xD

Tarren Miller says:

Dog penis at 1:36
You're welcome.

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