Chucky Pranks Dogs: Funny Dogs & Michael Myers Defeat Chucky

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Watch Chucky Pranks Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie, with a guest appearance by Michael Myers from Halloween! These cute beagle dogs react with happiness when they are surprised with a Chucky Doll at their door. Their excitement quickly turns to fear as the creepy doll comes to life and starts talking to each dog. After the initial prank, the dogs think they get rid of the scary doll but he keeps coming back….which causes Maymo to call his friend Michael Myers from the Halloween movie. This is one hilarious dog prank video for the ages!

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Maymo & Friends: https://youtube.complaylist?list=PLA2SA_Le8jNYFFR3LZ4GLHukZsnUxConk&playnext=1
Maymo The Chef:
Maymo vs. Giants:
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“Puppy Tales” and “Who Wants Ice Cream” by Stationary Sign
“Viva La Carnival” by Tiki Tiki
“Playground Fever” by Tricycle Riot
“Happy 80’s Pop II” by Victor Olsson
“Merry Christmas Day” by Stonekeepers


Saeed Mohammed says:

ننىرن من ى

Thorn The Hedgehog says:

Chucky: I’m your friend to the end
Dogs: ar hell na foe
Michael: Burn in hell foe

Karma mohamed Gomaa says:

ايه ده

carmen Garcia says:

Que lindo maymo

sudha Sandhu says:

Funny video 😀😀

Naruto Uzumaki the 2 Hokage says:

WUT THE HELL 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Julie Patton says:

Hi how do you ha ha Ha

Julie Patton says:

Stop defeating Chuckie

Jaqueline Elaine De Oliveira says:


Mahmoud Hassan says:

نننن ديقفلللهحججحالله الله و. تنننننتلنء غ ض

Georget Ibrahim says:

طمن ج٦غ

LoL-gAminG- zg says:

So funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Julie Patton says:


Evelina Evelina says:

Why you film cruel scenes????????

IWatchWeirdVideos says:

That face 1:53 hahaha Get ‘im !! LOL most adorable doggy heroes and haha Michael Meyers—aww saved the dogs, so he ain’t so bad after all

(Student) YAU LOK SUM says:

Monster doll

Лиса says:

Maymo 🖒🖒🖒❤

امير موسى says:


Eko Cartono says:

Chukki not good

The Goode Boye says:


Let's kick this guy's butt,

Freddy vs Jason style.

Екатерина Семишина says:


Cole Henderson says:

When the dog hi him with the pan I could not stop laughing

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