Chicken Dogs vs Dancing Chicken Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Penny

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie get a Surprise Prank by a Giant Dancing Chicken! These cute beagle dogs are relaxing on the couch when they are approached by a clucking chicken who dances to edm music. Each cute dog takes a turn at stopping this crazy chicken dance, and then they dress up in chicken costumes made out of the chickens they’ve just vanquished…and these dogs in costumes are the cutest you’ve ever seen! However, they realize the funny dog pranks aren’t over, as they are then surprised by a giant dancing chicken, who chases the dogs with a giant inflatable drumstick! This is one chicken dance prank video you won’t want to miss!

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“I’m Crazy for Love” by Craig Reever
“Catch the Sky” by A Month of Sleep
“Panama Hat” by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
“Surfs Up” by Henrik Andersson


Regina Chairez says:

I love those beautiful puppies

Adam Csaba Balogh says:

Animal abuse. Whoever abuses these dogs should get medical help.

Kac Mac says:

Where's goats Lentil & Wilma?!

Marcus Rodrigues says:

Penny is AMGERY

망고맹고mangomengo says:

OMG this is a real life Disney movie..

Dasa Radova says:

Já jsem si všimla že tam je nějaký provázek

Erin Sahm says:

Love how Penny is ripping the stuffing out of her toy

Dori says:

I love the Maymo just backs out of the costumes when he’s ready. Playful Penny, you go girl!

P Kranz says:

Penny to the rescue (again) …

Now I'm hungry for roasted chickuns, but something tells me these loonybirds might have a … fowl taste …

Steven Zack says:

Great to see Penny in action. Loved when she ran out of the room with a bird.
Maymo and Potpie said next time use edible chickuns please.

claudia tobias says:


두리현서 says:

chicken dogs!!!

강아지랑 뭐할까_멍블비 says:

Thank you for the fun video today. Happy New Year.👍🏻🥰👍🏻

Simone Villeneuve says:

Everyone looks happy and feisty today. Maymo, Penny and Potpie I hope you get some chicken for taking down the beast. You all rule! Give them some belly rubs for me, they bring so much joy to us. Love from Canada 🐕🐾

Adriana Grimaldo says:

Lo peor s k no era pollo bien perritos x ngañarlos😄😄

Célia nogueira says:

Hi. Maymo. Love❤✌👍 like

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