Chefs Battle for a Christmas dinner! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

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Wow! Its December 1st already! Christmas and New Year are coming very soon! But there is so much things to do – buy gifts, choose clothes, and finally decide who will cook a festive dinner!
And it will be not so easy! Despite the fact that my mommy is the best and loves me too much, in a kitchen she become a tyrant! No one in our family ever dared to challenge her culinary… Until now!
I hope you enhoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video!
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Another great video.!!!

From Hel says:

Din and I have the same taste – I like salami-covered pizza cookies best, too ;o) Sorry Irina, you created a culinary masterpiece but Din mischievously outsmarted you! To me, you both are the best cooks in the world and worthy of any Michelin award <3 <3 <3

Elaine Fátima Tatsch Ferrari says:



Doxie is chef

Agnieszka K says:

I love it!😅

Светлана Эйденберг says:

Дин, ваша ошибка в том, что вы выставили слишком высокий температурный режим. Ваше тесто – оно как на шарлотку, его надо печь при низкой температуре. Правда, вы бы не выиграли по времени, это да, такое тесто печётся долго. А где вы купили форму для печенья в виде таксы?

Pomeranian dog Macana says:

Love you r dog ,I upload videos of my little dog on my channel 🐶🐶🐶

Nelli says:

Дин, я за тебя кулачки держала!!!🤗😚😍
Молодец! Знаешь чем победить)))👍
А вообще вы очень классные ребята❤❤❤

Dawn Wallace says:

I cant stop laugjing and smileing..poor mome

Karenia Ubungen says:

Good job din…u know what to give dad for dinner!! Haha…congratulations for winning the battle…loved ur chefs outfit😂😂

Carol Herling says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it seems like me at the kitchen

Beverly R says:

What a smart dog!! Pizza Always wins! 😁 🍕 🥇 Caught you licking the bowl! 😉. Loved your sweater and the chef’s outfit; you looked great! 💜👍

egzon Strana says:

Love you don

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