Cant find my home! Cute and funny dachshund dog video!

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I dont know why, but some people think that I envy @Crusoe the Dachshund success, that I’m trying to copy his video and should stop making videos at all. Oh, what a nonsense!
I love Crusoe and don’t miss any of his videos! I am huge fan! But, we have totaly different styles. And, the fact that I love to watch his videos DOES NOT mean that my parents can watch his videos too!
P.S. Thanks to my buddy Crusoe and his dad Ryan for permission to use a part of their video! You’re best!
I hope you will love my new cute dachshund dog video!
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Crusoe the Dachshund says:

LOL aw poor Din! Don't feel bad bud. I'm glad your parents like my videos but you'll always be their biggest love!!! Cheers to your parents and you! Thanks for including me! 🙂

Michelle Smith says:

I love you weiner dog.

Zee Aguilar says:

Thank you baby. I am owned by a pooch who came to me via rescue. He took care of my other baby (a doggie) when I got ill after a stroke. Your videos and Crusoe’s make me very happy. Thank you.

Ometepe Nicaragua says:




Dog God says:


Dog God says:

Is that tofuu

조이존 says:

4 like=saved crusoe

조이존 says:

Made me cry 10mill likes = save crusoe

warwickp1 says:

Don't worry your oner will never forget about you 😌

warwickp1 says:

I am crying with tears it was so sad 😭🐶

Yoeli Menduiña Bruno says:


Maja Brytan says:

Ale mu zimno

Maja Brytan says:

Ale smutny a słodki

The friend kids says:

Awww this makes me want to cry so much that I can’t sleep subscribe so he can get his mommy and daddy back

Booger Flick says:

This is too sad I can’t with it I need a dog now because this is so sad

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