Border Collie Funny Viral Videos Compilation! Cutest Border Collie Dogs Ever!

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Most funny and cute Border Collie Dog Videos compilation that will make laugh more and more. Border Collie is the most cute dog in the world!

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Cute Emergency says:

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Adrián Harčarik says:

1:45 slovakiaaaaa ♥️♥️♥️♥️

hehe jejehe says:

I really want a border collie but I work a full time job. I got my first border collie when I was 12 and I trained him to go off leash in a field and on our lawn in just 3 weeks at the age of 15 weeks. I work a full time job and I am going to give him 1 hour of field exercise in the morning and 1-2 hours when I come home. I will also be paying a neighbourhood kid to walk my dog around the block and play with him in my backyard for a bit. Do you think my dog will be ok.

Iona world says:

Pfff my border collie puppy doesnt do any of those tricks😂😂

Robyn Hood says:

My border collie mini poodle mix 😍

Maorimahara says:

2.28 Tim. Det må vi lære dem 😉

Jim Perry says:

love the one with the cat and ball. Border: "come on… you can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS!" lol And the one flipping all kinds of ways. Just amazing. I adopted a 2 year old border a few months ago. He's breaking out of his shell a little at a time. He's going to be amazing. Yesterday my 3 shot out the door (probably squirrel in the yard) and my other 2 got in front of him. So he runs up beside my rat terrier and uses his nose to knock her sideways rolling off and shoots ahead of her. I'm like "you okay you okay?" and my terrier looks back at me annoyed with ME. lol she was fine. But he's the young one among an old senior newfie and older rat terrier.

Mike Ryan says:

if you look very closely you can se a human

natazer says:

My wife and I got a border collie 2 years ago. 6 months in we were questioning our decision. But we love that damn dog so much, we're planning on another puppy. BC's are the best. So smart.

Sophie the collie says:

Mine is just the same😂

Fuzzy 123 says:

I’ve a smooth coat border collie pup downstairs asleep and I’m watching this in bed! Guess I love collies


I just get a border collie 🐶

CARDOSO 04 says:

Ó my good 😍😍

Mascotas 201 says:

Miren este Border Collie

Richard says:

All thanks to @petempire003 on Instagram he got me the must cutest dog ever ❤❣️💯💯

Mauren Denise Coelho says:

Border Collie são maravilhosos


I have 2 Border Collie i love love ❤️

Alfie871 says:

God i miss my dog, died after 15 years, he was a wonderful dog, couldnt ask for a better companion.

Aporta o Aparta says:

I love border collie

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