Big Dogs 馃惗馃槀 Funny Big Dogs (Full) [Funny Pets]

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Big dogs sometimes don’t think they are big.
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Badly needed a good laugh?! Check this out! We have here videos of big dogs doing things that was outrageously funny! Don鈥檛 they realize what their size is? What are you waiting for? Click play now and enjoy!

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Funny Dogs:

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merve ayaz says:

esazi枚p m姆枚p. 艧iir nabza dir bbhs. ve bilekisiaz bir koie

merve ayaz says:

Merve kevni nhue nsiazziiw mbvus馃槉馃槉馃槉 Feke klmazskie

Charlie murphy says:

I hate when people bring non service animals in stores. The law needs to change and give fines for lying about it being a service dog

Sandra Hill says:

Please show full screen instead of a fourth of the picture.

iibloxybee says:

2:23 when I see a spider on the wall

iibloxybee says:

1:21 me on my twin sized bed馃槀

Kitten Jibanyan says:

0:22 clever good boy

Marie-Claude Delahaye says:

Les chiens sont des enfants,j'ai 2 chiens et ils me font rire,ils m'aident 脿 vivre.J'aime les 馃悤.

Steve Watson says:

What was that dog the woman was carrying?

The Lyric Generator says:

that dog at 3.00 was so beautiful
does anyone know what breed he is?
The one at 5.00 is a springer spaniel, they are not big dogs, they get to like 20kg, that's not big
Such a great video, love big does like these, we had a golden x Newfoundland, and he was massive, not like a Dane massive but like a st Barnard massive, weighed nearly 60kg (132lb), such sweetheart, he outgrew his dog bed, but he didn't care and he made himself fit cause he loved it to bits

Sm谩rt H霉艅gy酶 says:

Dogs are adorable.

HupfDole87 says:

the first woman had treats in her hands.. man pls be honest about at this -_-

chuupa chuups says:

3:12 does anybody know what dog breed that is? 馃檪

Angela Ward says:

I will never get used to the maniacal laughter馃槚

Eleni Lucky says:

Stairs can be sooo scary….

Nick Uhlig says:

I love dogs馃槃

Saccillia says:

0:49 I have to ask. Did anyone else have a dog that was afraid of hamsters?
We carefully introduced our dog to our hamsters, but if we ever put the hamster near or on him, he would get up and "nope" out.
He was also afraid of remote controlled cars though, so maybe it creeped him out.

Saccillia says:

The bigger the dog the more to love.

Rocko The BIG Eared Wiener Dog says:

Some of them BIG doggies sure were HUGE! Yikes!!!
Two paws up! 馃惥

Deborah 5122 says:

The Great Dane, trying to fit in the small dog bed…

Jyoti Dongra says:

Bloody that dog was so much thirsty

theplug london says:

when i smoke weed with my friends my dog likes to stay close to us and breathe that smoke ….my dog likes weed

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