BEST OF Funniest German Shepherd Dog Videos Ever Compilation

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BEST OF Funniest German Shepherd Dog Videos Ever Compilation
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gbpattison says:

I have a female one year old German shepherd called Willow this is completely accurate

Joshua Larosa says:

I love German Shepherd they do cute 🙂

Ricki Wolfe says:

My German Sheppard loves this video 😂

Sam Seed says:

your the best

sayuri sakamoto says:

I really love this video————-🤣🤣😍😆🥰👍❤️🐕🐾

sunny rathore says:

Gsd are just amazing

Vaani Mathur says:

German Shepherds could be opera singers 😂😂😂

Bea aneeza Magsanay says:

I mean dog is smartest than people😏😎🐕

Debadrita Das says:

I love gsd…😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😙😙😙😙💖💖❤❤💙💙💟💘💛💛💜💓💓💝💞💘💘

Jan Carstensen says:

tries to sniff butt on TV @3:23

Barry Soliday says:

Head tilt!!!! You know what im talkin about… songs need more cowbell… GSD videos need more head tilt!

Noel Boyka says:

i have 3 cats and when its my birthday my dad is gonna surprise me a German Shepherd Dog

J Hearn says:

Love the one fascinated by his shadow, so cute.

sweety G says:

Sooo cute awsm video i also had a German shepard, he was like a lion

bata gaming says:

good boy dog

Richard Parker says:

I love German Shepherd's

hai vcc says:

My name is long made in vietnamiss.i very dog gsd .

Joe Schlotthauer says:

Smartest and funniest best breed.

Shobha Roy says:

The best thing about their temperament: To their owner, a GSD is a sheep in wolf's clothing. So loyal!

Ian Lex says:

They're watching Mishka. I can tell.

Jake the gsd says:

German shepherds are the best breed, that's a fact

Deborah Riley says:

0.37 is hilarious. He's like, "I'm not. . .sleepy. . .I'm awake. . .not sleep. . .I'm AWAKE! What's everybody laughing at? "

Golden Retriever says:

My German Sheppard never howled. I didn't know they could do that.

James Sturtevant says:

that wus cool

Jayden Davis says:

The first howl was so nice

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