Best Funny and Cute Halloween Costumes for Dog – Funny Dogs Videos Compilation

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Best Funny and Cute Halloween Costumes for Dog – Funny Dogs Videos Compilation
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Dawn Bahm says:

3:42 oh my gosh that made explode of laughter lol


That siren in cruel

Axel Rosey says:

At 0:29 are they supposed to be little devils? They looked like cows, haha.

Emily Cohen says:

aw some are so cool and some cute

Beautiful Rose says:

whoever gave this thumbs-down do not have a sense of humor at all then probably the type of people that's always mad never smile just a pure black heart no good

Beautiful Rose says:

Oh my God the one with the doll on the back and the dollars running the doll legs are cracking me up every time the dog runs the doll legs run LOL I am in tears

Beautiful Rose says:

I'm going to buy my baby a Halloween costume her name is Jada and she's a calico and she's 2 years old

Beautiful Rose says:

I think they are funny they make me laugh they are adorable actually I feel like they should be on a commercial or a TV show so everybody can see them in their Halloween costumes the cats and the dogs I love it

Imto H58 says:

This works best on pug

Ultimo says:

The first one and the football one are the best. 🤣

Rolf Geschwind says:

dogs are fun to watch. 😄

Anaconda Squezze says:

Dislike for clickbaiting

Melissa Jimenez says:

Poor doggies did u c their faces,..cute but some of them were not happy lol lol

Aurora Cole says:

Nice costumes

Torri Averhart says:

Aww adorable

Hearts Youtube says:

A hot dog 😀

Denis Malai says:


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