Best Dogs for Families with kids | Funny Pet Videos

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Papah Kiya says:

4:51 rock a bye baby … i feel so sleepy (too) ZZzzzzzZZ

aposslex says:

Great list but golden retriever over lab. Come on now

Wilbert Lek says:

"And you will have a 100 pound bal of fur climbing on to your couch. This behaviour will need to be trained out of them."

And people, humans, homo sapiens (nowadays not so very sapiens…) are other animals…

ElessarXXX says:

just shut the f up and play the viedo

sultan toleuhanov says:

Boerboel vs neapolitan mastiff

bhrvt says:

A comparison between an Akita and a shiba inu please please please I ask all the time thanks for the great video's

Fedora Emelianenko says:

please get new music, I didn't get a minute into this video and haven't been watching your videos lately. I love the content but hate the music. I did notice you have managed to adjust the audio levels more suitably though.

앙TV Follow Me If You Like Pawz says:

Agree with the Goldies!!!
But where is Bichon Frise? They are just lovely as much as others!!

BTW I am Bichon Frise!🤭🤭

CarolinaGirl2816 says:

Love this list but you left off the poodle!!

Gala Pynenburg says:

Yay first to like and first to comment

Joshua Ivery says:

Those dog are so cute

Gloria Gomez says:

Very 👍 till mess food

Smiling Samy says:

They all look cute.. my Samoyed dog is amazing with my kids ❤️❤️

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