Best Cute ShihTzu Video Compilation – Funny Dog Video

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Basha yt says:

Theo miss you…………

Yeong II says:

Too much grooming makes them more ugly :< groom them by moderation

BlankSpace says:

I used to have two shitzus. They’re gone now. This reminds me of them. Thank you

Kiilns says:

Bruh they're too cute

Anastasia picur says:

Some puppy’s were ugly

Mr. Shota Aizawa says:

I have a 1 yr old Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise/Pomeranian pupper. His name is Bandit (nicknamed Bunny because of his passion of hopping onto everything) he is the sweetest doggo ever! (Unless angered or annoyed, then, he brings out the chompers)

byron no says:


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