Best contractor ever! Funny dachshund dog video!

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I love to make and repair something! I work confidently with hand and power tools. I charge really expensive, I do it for a long time and not very high quality! – this is exactly how my ad on local bulletin board site sounds like. I don’t understand why I have so few orders…
Even daddy doesn’t trust me! Everything recalls how almost 3 years ago I screwed up a little during the repair in our home!
P.S. This is remake of my earlier video! I hope you enjoy my new (old) funny dachshund dog video! And try not to laugh!
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Doxie Din - not just a dachshund says:

This is remake of my earlier video! I made it, coz get copyright claim for music I used. I hope you will love my "face lifted" video!


Это переделка моего старого видео с новой музыкой. Я сделал это, так как получил предупреждение по авторским правам на прошлую фоновую музыку.

Вадим Павликов says:

Собока VS кошка 😍😍

Mundo de Oli says:


teagans wurld says:


Deneise Maria says:

Doxie love you Nice yos videos

Dark To Light says:

Awesone!!! I have 7 long haired cream Dachshunds ! Doxies ROCK!!

Ernani Barroso says:

You are very intelligent

Cristiano campos says:


Mary Ayers says:

We don’t care if it’s a repeat..we love seeing Din. Always smile watching the videos and love his outfits esp his hats🥰

jenny gae123 says:

aww i hope you didn't get in trouble

Артем Бартошук says:

Прикольное видео

Myriam Dreams says:

I’ve a complete apartment to renovate if you’ve time dear Din
I’ll pay you in home made doggie cookies and a lot of hugs 🤗
Good day

diana tello says:

😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂👍👍👍👍Din you're smart, funny and multitalented and your mom and dad are brilliant performers too. Again you made us laugh 👏👏👏👏👏even your remakes brings joy ,truly worth it ,loved every second of it💝💞💗💖💕💓.My family looks forward to all your videos this was an encore performance 😂🤣🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Паша Пашед says:

О дин привет я паставила лайк

Wilmeca Neasey says:

Funny dog you in

Juan Tordecilla says:

OMG WANT CUTE LIKE if you want me to add your rosyorself ¡Rost din Rost din¡❤❤❤ Plis DOXIE DIN

David Espejel says:

Haha. This is one of your best videos

Oak Tree says:

Precious pup with your perfect expressions & reactions. Lol at the paw-print on the contract & the paw-shake. Awwww you did your best❣️

Martha Alicia Reyes says:

Lovely Din, you almost did it!, you were missing something on those blocks.,,!!!Cement!!! I think you're not so good on building projects and your daddy doesn't trust you anymore on this matters . But any way ,you are so smart and handsome. God bless you always, hermoso Doxie Din.

Marcio Garcia says:

Wowowow so much funny, thanks guys

Cute dogs says:

Coisa mais lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Time Lord says:

best dog ever

Aracely Hernandez says:

👍😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣❤💋🥰 muy bueno…..felicidades

Denise Wilke says:

Hahahaha oh this is so funny hay Din can you build me a house with a fenced in yard lol

AntBee says:

Din, I think you worked for the guy I hired.

Marina Levit says:

И в кого Дин ты такой хороший строитель? Конечно в папу!

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