Bath Take care of Monkey dog. Funny monkey videos!

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Bath Take care of Monkey dog. Funny monkey videos!
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new channel of nguyet and cuong. Look forward to your registration

MEelizabeth locatelli says:

Coisinha linda abu adora banhar te amo baby bj família

marie Finley says:

Abu not as cute as he was.I don't watch much now..

Нурсулу Нагимова says:

Молодец, Нгует. И пёсик ухоженный и все животные🐕🐒🐔👏👏👏👍🌹🌹🌹

Rosa Montes De Oca says:

Uuuy si cute

Lyd Visus says:

Super. Hope doggie can be deflected and bath to become a dog that stays inside the home.

Elyde Rodriguez says:

Buenas noches. Nguyet gracias por esos hermosos videos que no muestra. Ud. como siempre tan especial con los animalitos. Besitos al perrito y a Abu. Dios los bendiga. Saludo cordial desde Caracas, Venezuela.-

Catherine belmont says:

Such a cute video! Abu and the puppy having a bath! Baby do has a very gentle personnality! Abu is relaxed by the bath, even yawning! Being cleaned , both enjoy their meals, baby dog seemed to think delicious, what he was eating! So cute, together in the hammock, Abu grooming the puppy! Sweet video!

Gail Crowe says:

The monkeys fangs are developing nice and dangerously!

Sherri Peterson says:

His face is really turning red.

Gail Crowe says:

Sounds like a chainsaw in the background.

Vally Asock says:

Abu and Dbu🐒👌🐕😍

Kat M says:

The puppy is cute, looks like a well natured dog…

รัชฎา ศิริวิชญาพร says:

เก่งมากเลยอาบู รักอาบูนะคะ

Dona Annie says:

Thank you nguyet for Loving dog cat and baby Abu oiiii🖒💋❤

Tatium Dubois says:

Abu et le petit chien s’entendent très bien et toi tu adore tous tes animaux ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Bisous de France 💋💋💋💋💋🇫🇷

Linda Leo says:

Darling Angel Abu Oîï ❤❤🐒❤❤
Angel Abu says : buddy , you go bath first , me next 🤣🤣🤣🐒🐕
Angel Abu always yawn during his bath , have his milk & Zzzzzz time 😘🐒😍
You are the BEST ❤🐒😘😍❤
Nguyet : you're a BEAUTIFUL lady with a KIND Heart ❤👩🏻💖
THANK YOU for all your LOVE : ❤🐒❤🐹❤🐶❤🐃❤🐣❤🦆❤🌻💐🌴❤
NICE video , thank you for sharing,
* BLESSINGS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 *

gloria hodge says:

He loves to eat the soap 🧼 😂

gloria hodge says:

You are one busy lady 🥰. God bless you.

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