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Benjamin Allen says:

Basset hound is my favorite

kevin u says:

I love hounds!

Theresa Ferries says:

I would also say that Bassets take a long time to mature. Our last houndie Fergus (ATB), took several years to act like a true adult hound. I suppose part of it was that he was a rescue. Whenever we’d go to my in-laws (a four hour drive), it took a good three years until he was mellow enough to curl up on the back seat and sleep. He was a year old when we got him, and in the first three years we had him, he would sit in the back seat watching the entire drive. Perhaps he thought he was being driven to yet another home instead of just traveling with us.

Balithazzarr says:

My bloodhound had a rebellion stage from 5 months to a year. It is a hell stage. Even will daily extensive walks. After a year of constant with him he became ultra alert, he could notice traffic lights changing. He could have been a blind man's dog. I got mine he was already five months.

Markéta Johnová says:

I love basset hound ❤️❤️❤️

John Sparks says:

Do Dachshund vs Basset Hound.

Samantha Rogers says:

Had a beagle basset mix she kept trying to eat poison she was one of my favorite dogs. The other was a German Shepherd Husky who was awesome too

Nicolaus Hess says:

Well, a basset-hound becomes your buddy, not really your pet, got a strong personality, can´t force them, but persuade, at least with some food., indeed needs a lot of time with his daddy or mum. I don´t do any sports, never in my life, but I went for walk with my Eddy nearly 2 hours a day and I had a big garden, he was the owner.

40Bethy says:

We had both a Basset and a Bloodhound and they are great dogs so gentle and loving clowns lol

Jasmine Puzar says:

I have a basset hound and bagel mixed. love him

mike cubes says:

its best to have one of each

Carly Sweet James says:

Who is here because of khia 😂

Mickey says:

My baset was a rescue and was hard to train but I learnt quickly it's less about disaplin shouting does nothing , I learnt praise and lots of walks with other dogs ( they love company) and basic commands with treats is best. And lots of cuddles they really love being bonded to you and once you establish the bond they behave better. I could just look at my Springer and hed stop doing something naughty .with my base t hound I had to be more hands on like making sure there is space boundaries as he had non. The best thing I got was a baby pen . It allows him to feel safe without constantly ruminging for food. It also helped him toilet train as h e tended to just poop in the middle of the night. He barked a lot so I got chews. cause they really are mouthy. This curved his barking cause it was happening all the time. I also took him a walk twice or three times a day this really curved the barking. Hes lovely and very funny and we accept he isn't ever going to be fully obedient but that's his beautiful charictor he's wonderful with dogs and people too. I walk him off lead and he's fine, don't ever go back for him or Chase him keep walking n keep sausages to lure him in , he'll lead the walk if you let him, he's stuburn .

if you get one be ready to put in the effort cause he wasn't as easy as other breeds to train and a lot get put in adoption so think before you buy because they are cute.

White Noise says:

the Disclaimer should have read; Warning, these dogs are too cute and you may end up with one today !!

Micah Zinn says:

Bassets are the most stubborn dogs in the world

Frank Penalver says:

I love my bloodhound mix. We just took him to petsmart. Video on my channel if anyone wants to see him.

Cory Ayers says:

My basset took 6 months to house break as a pup. He remains the most stubborn dog I've ever known. Love him to pieces but they're extremely thick headed.

Gerald Post says:

0:53 that cat is a trooper, bless them both in fact, beautiful.

The Holy Mackerel says:

Basset 4 life.

Peter Jeffries says:

you don't train a basset, they train you

Daniel Eaton says:

Have owned 4 Bassets over the years but they have priced them out of my league so now I have a Basset / Beagle cuz I wasn't able to find one I coulb afford. But let me tell you I'd have another in a second despite there stuburnes and there drule{?]. Really want another.

Viola Gentsch says:

Bassetts are also called hush puppies

Viola Gentsch says:


Mark S says:

1:06 that cat is like "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"

Frederick Burger says:

How do people deal with the shedding because my 2 Bassetts shed a lot.

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