Anshu is helping Jerry to take stairs||funny dog videos.

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Today jerry is trying to take stairs on first time and anshu is helping I am going to tell about the story of my sister and my dog will get to see a video related to the training of Rottweiler in a fun way.Rottweiler is a very good family and guard dog or you can speak This is a very good protection dog, but the rottweiler needs dog training.My dog ​​Jerry is a rottweiler, but he is a very good family dog ​​as well as a very good guard dog. Due to too much misinformation about rottweiler he is afraid to follow it, but it is not so. If training the rot violar, it proves to be a very good family and protection dog breed,
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Lakshmi Lakshmidevi says:

Love you dog 😂❣️☺️

Thrinay Pallikonda says:

Where is your house Iam comming

Athirajijesh Athirajijesh says:

Big fan from kerala. Jerry and anshu ❤❤💕❤❤♥💞💞

madhan kumar says:

Actually how old is he now present..plz anyone

Anil Kumar Anil Kumar says:

Love you Jerry

Prem Kumar says:

Kya m bn v of All

Arti says:

Love u lot Jerry n Anshu . You both r cute gyes.

Eldho P paul says:

Super anshu chechi

Dr. Manomita Paul says:


Vaishnav vinesh says:

I am a malayali from Kerala I love Jerry so much

bedbyash kharsel says:

Very good morning 🌞🌞anshu

The Prince says:

Aapane jis din 4 December ko video banai SM Mera birthday hota hai

Anil Kumar says:

I am a malayali from Kerala I love Jerry so much❤️❤️

Rashma Shaik says:


Lakshmi Narasamma says:

Jerry IAM fan of you 😍

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