AMAZING ! Smart Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called | Funny Pets Compilation

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AMAZING ! Smart Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called | Funny Pets Compilation
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Miguel Vazmar. says:

They are better than humans…

Ang Xiaomi says:

Aww so adorable n their names

mcp says:

Daft cunts humans

Guadalupe Schmidt says:

Echo wass psst cuz he got called last🐶

Grumpy Cat says:

well thats dogs… whereas us… cats.. were independent.. and always stays cool

Trev Channel says:

Will you accept this rose?

Santosh Kumar says:

Echo is my hero…

And loved the bunch of names….Karma, destiny, mayhem 🤣

Right Uppercut says:

Those are well trained doggos

JLuna Wolf says:

Karma Chaos😂😂😂

Nilakhya Pujari says:

0:54 Nikita
Epic name 😂🤣

Vector Delamorphis says:

I subscribed and turned on notifications and gave her video thumbs up ☺️ I'm Turtle Haven it's a animal sanctuary we have a lot of animals we have 8 Turtles a snake 8 mice 50 foxes two birds 5 bunnies

Vector Delamorphis says:

There are so many dogs!

thakur anshika says:

I want all the dogs at 1:07

Few Tips S says:

2:00 siri is it has apples assistant voice 😅


👍Great that video .. 👨‍💻

Crystal Yeow Ching Ching says:

Ok, head or tail

Warren Mundell says:

Very, very nice. I enjoyed their smarts.

Karen Bishop says:

Poor echo has a victim complex.

Sweet Tee says:

Echo is my spirit animal! That dog has a WHOLE attitude because he had to wait 😂😂😂😂

Moi S says:

Clickbait, man! No dogs with plates in their mouths! I wanted to see that. 🙁

Jerry Forward says:

That's crazy!!!!!!!

Chinasa Alfred says:

Lol maybe echo forgot his name or he had a bad day lol

brandon242 says:

funny and impressive..but Reba knew her name was gonna be called next so this is obviously something very repetitive that they have learned

E C says:

They are all so intelligent and so well behaved!

Chin Soilei says:

So cute…Love their names!

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