7 Days of Quarantine | Funny Dog Video

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7 Days of Quarantine | Funny Dog Video
Our country is on lockdown and our first week in quarantine is officially over. In this funny video we wanted to show you what it’s been like for Rancho and how a dog can deal with boredom 🙂

This video is just for fun. Even though we are under quarantine, we can still walk our dogs. You don’t need to worry. Even now, Rancho gets plenty of exercise. We just need to keep our distance from other people. How are you all doing? Are you and your dog bored to death or is it easy for you to entertain yourselves while self-isolating?

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Rancho the Dog is a Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. There are 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog – the Malinois (short coated), the Groenendael (black long-coated), the Lakenois (wire-haired) and the Tervuren (basically a long-coated Malinois, as far as color is concerned)

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Rancho The Dog says:

Which day was your favourite? 😊

nihonkokusai says:

Rewatching again too good this video

Justin Jones says:

I think you need to give Rancho a big hug for is😃❤💚🐕💜🐾

Silverthorn Goodtree says:

Had dozens of dogs, ones who would drink soda cans, open dead bolt doors, open gates, chew bubble gum, bring back rabbits and such. Never could get one to play ball like that.

Bay in the Life says:

This was so cute! I loved #3 Rancho reading a Dog's Purpose! Careful Rancho, that's a tear jerker!

gail allen says:

That was a fun video!

渡辺ボス says:


Mujer Apple ann says:

oh rancho your so adorable,big hug to you doggy,i miss you,uts been a while,he loves play ball tho,i love that day 6 ❤❤❤

Ikram Hamood says:



Like 84 , mast be lot of craziness right now when a dog start to read books , game , you know the next time we sit at home it’d because the dogs took over the world 😂

luka zubic says:

Rancho is so funny😁😁😁 but I would not give him books he may become smarter than human😅

Frank De Cock says:

It's the same in Belgium. Took Tess for an 11 km walk today. Like Rancho, she's got energy for two and doesn't easily get tired.
Luckily we have access to endless walking trails about 15 minutes on foot from where we live…
This quarantine thing would be very dull otherwise.
Keep healthy !

Chamkke Needle felt 참깨 니들펠트 says:

lol, A dog's purpose!! lol. even played game… Aww.. poor baby.. walking in there..

Natalie says:

Rancho is such a beautiful boy <3 I am considering a Tervueren as my second dog (current dog is a husky-mix). I wanted to ask though: How much proctectiveness does Rancho have? Is he friendly to strangers and other dogs that he doesn't know? I am living in a big city and worried if the protectivenes of the breed can be an issue in an apartment (e.g. the dog barking at neighbors etc.) Also, how would you say a Tervueren compares to a Border Collie?

Thanks in advance, love yor channel!

B.Family House says:

Hello, I'm doing this while communicating frequently ~ ^^78like friend~

Pedro Harpiste says:

Hola! Como estas?

I switch to english now. I speak better than spanish.

Your dog is so um grande, or big?
So beautiful mi amigo! 👍

Roya Tasty Food USA says:

Thank you for sharing
Great upload
New friend here to support 👍🏻

Mocha the German Shepherd says:

I love that he plays pass the ball with you. 😍😂 and that book! What a good read. 😌

Ivanka says:

Omg nádherný video😂😂😂jednoznačně všechny☝️ale vyhrála 3,4 a 6🥇🏆🐺alespoň u mě…ale 4 taky super🖥⌨🖱☝️všechno je to paráda😂❤já už asi začínám blbnout🙈😂držím nám všem palce✊opatrujte se, hodně zdraví vám všem a díky za video😘🐺❤🖐🍀

Mahal Kooh says:

Best bonding books games better to relieve boredoms precious moment after all Rancho becomes more gorgeous

The world of sophie 1 says:


ジャックとムギの木 says:


Anya GSD says:


Diamond H Farmhouse Swank says:

A very enjoyable video, I believe I liked Rancho reading “A Dog’s Purpose”. I liked and subscribed. Blessings to you.

Ma Lu says:

Hi Rancho. Good job teaching your humans how to play ball 😆🥰🐺

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