🤣Funny Dogs & Cats Scared Of Cat Mask Filter – Dog & Cat Reaction To Mask Filter #2 | CuteVN

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Karl Johan Lea says:

A lot of Dogs and Cats now have trust issues.

Saba Nadeem says:



Turning dog (cat):"WHAT THE F…….?!"

Gotee Gotee says:

What app is that? Would love to do it with my cat.

J.C. Joy's 실용영어회화. says:

This video cracks me up ! Oh my !

Kenji policard Policard says:

Hahaha, I've been telling people that cats are people, they're just cat people, just look at their human like reactions, too funny man.

The Best Conspiracies says:

Love this video. Pls check out mine too would love some support https://youtu.be/fAnDdTB4x00

Da Happy Bear says:

Lol. By the way it’s me the guy who posted the comment on avengers endgame clip the Funny captain smart hulk (e.t.c)

Janet Byrd says:

Is that a face mask or a camera trick? If a face mask, where did you get it???

Ammar Yasir says:

Get this amazing Santa Claus costume for your pets:

guilherme br says:

Love cuteVN

Cherak Meriem says:


poludeli kaktus says:

So cuteee😍😍❤❤🌏🌏🍀🍀

حبيبة حمودي says:


NAworlddd says:

A slap in side effects 😺😺😺😹😹😹😹😹🐈🐈🐈👍👍👍

фокси фрейдди тв says:


chubby me says:

Haha.. cats and dogs are so cute,, nag bubble din ako. Thanks din

Mariefel Pastorete says:

It's so funny

Sayra De leon says:

I love this canid of videos

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