YOU CAN run but YOU CANNOT h…HOLD your LAUGH! – Funny CAT compilation

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These cats are so funny! You just can’t hold your laugh, because they are so clumsy, cute and funny! Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Carolyn Saas says:

You people need to grow up. Cat videos are funny . True it isn't when they get hurt but where were those videos?

Wendy Rowland says:

OMG. That’s hysterical. The cat 🐈 totally got a brain 🧠 🥶 freeze

Oma Lee says:

I've blocked your other channels, I'm blocking this one too.

Nasohi Nasohi says:

Id you like cat then Vidio is not you Ita Indonesia

Constance says:

Where is PETA when you need them?

Constance says:

This should be removed. Some pet owners are morons.

Dana Fry says:

more like "people are horrible" should be the title.

Annie Babe says:

I didn't laugh AT ALL. I couldn't even take a laugh…

Blue Sun says:

See cats that hurt themselves and hear laugh in this video, ask me about this human being who laughs or those who make laughing by watching this video. Where is your humanity?        Voir des chats qui se font mal et entendre rire dans cet vidéo, me questionne sur cet être humain qui rit ou de ceux qui font rire en regardant cet vidéo.  Où est votre humanité ?

a microtyger says:

Those overweight kitties need to lose some weight.. then they could jump!

Creative Hearts says:

Kite kittys

Tracy S. says:

I feel sad for some of these cats cuz they're overweight.

Ken Nickels says:

@ 1:30 Let's all have a good laugh at the cat sliding around on the floor because his owners cut off his claws! Haha!

T Mst says:

If a cat's hanging by its nails from the top of a door, I'm likely to give it a hand so it doesn't fall onto the edge of a table.

BigMac Mick says:

if you like cats then this video is not for you

Lisa Pincott says:

That bastard letting kitten fall down the stairs. Wanker. Why do people class fat pets funny? Seeing them not being able to climb etc and laughing at them is abuse to something you are supposed to love and CARE for

LaRissa Webbs says:

THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florian Rotmähne says:

Please do not feed your cats that much.

Fouchardbernadette Merci beaucoup says:

Vraiment c,est super chouette et marent mercie beaucoup

Eve Mullaart-Rayner says:

Is the title trying to wheeze?

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