World's Most Obedient Cat

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Prince Michael takes on a few new responsibilities while Aaron’s caught under the weather.

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Written by: Aaron, Andrew, Sarah W., Alex F.
End Art: Josh Kenfield
Featuring: @bhernandez89 @moose_the_german_shep


AaronsAnimals says:

Turn on Closed Captions to read Michael's commentary!

Anel Avelino says:

Awww Mike is such a hero

rg says:

U'r fired n facial expression😆😆

Catherine Hermansen says:

I wish Michael could me my little Rasta kitty who moved here from Jamaica, but she might be a bad influence. Hmmmm

DaxTheWolf574 says:

He beats the cat After he sees that he is fired

NorthMountainFairy says:

Me too like napz (=^ェ^=)💖

Samira Sham says:

قط حلو

Comment Reader says:

I want to know what breed Michael is..

Александр Кретов says:

Это супер видос про котов 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊

Joel Sapino says:

I cry because hes really cuteee awesome video bro keep it up😍♥️

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