The MOST PATIENT FUNNY CATS Compilation – Funny Cat Videos

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The most patient and obedient funny cat videos of funny cats. Check out these cats funny videos of annoyed kittens that still remain patient. Polite cats are cool.

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Greenscyth22 says:

3:46 Mittens and Rhino?

Tausif tabeeb says:

3:29 is that ookla the cat?

stamped5150 says:

Love your cute compilations. Brings a smile to my face and warms the heart. People need that on a daily basis.

Ratnaprabha Shari Gajanan Mharaj Kulkarni says:

Nisha your all received r v ery good

Cynthia Keeman says:

My cat would devour that hamster in a snap second.

flossie Flossie says:

The cat at 8:04 has obviously enjoyed being groomed by the parrot since it was a kitten-there's mutual respect there.All the rest are lazy sods or sedated, I swear.You try tickling the tum of my outdoor cat and you'd need stitches.

Vincenza Mosconi says:


Paul Angeli says:

As always, great videos !
I appreciate the quality and compelling nature of your pet videos.
From a fan in Chicago.

redfoe77 says:

Damn… These cats ought to work in customer service jobs. Nothing phases them!

Marina Dorina Iclenzan-Dimitriu says:

First comment

Jacqulin Simmons says:

2:45 my cat wouldve clawed my eyes out

Jacqulin Simmons says:

2:01 cats like get ya friend

k k says:

3rd sir!😋 This video made my day so cutee 😍😍😍😍

cute husky says:

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