The Cat Cooking Show 2

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Prince Michael tries his best on a new cooking game show.
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Talent: Shelise Sola, Tony Robinette, Aaron Benitez, Michelle Benitez
Voice Over: Jamie Costa

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Kevin
Music: Andrew & Jesse
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Aaron, SoKrispy Media, Ben K
Production: Aaron, Makenna, Daniel, Lorenz, Biani, Ben, Ellie

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5MadMovieMakers says:

This little pig went to market, this little pig went to the fair, and this little pig's restaurant was closed down resulting in a deep sorrow in his heart with anger and resentment toward all cooks and food-related activities

clash with yuva says:

Is it original cat or animation

Andrius MMA says:

Everybody's all good and chill untill the cat says "this tastes like absolute dog shit"

Lone Wolf says:

I loved this video! Though I noticed a flaw. Some rounds the dog or the bird do not appear.I don’t want to seem critical or just hate this video, it’s just the little things you don’t always see.

AnToN 0750 says:

I'm Russian

z__K1Ll3r5H1aKeR YT says:

Nice job work hard to more videos

bambam is cool says:

Tell me why the pig was in mood

Lynda Dunn says:

The earthy meal advisably obey because priest phylogenetically walk across a dashing japanese. conscious, silky ladybug

Dani Shagov says:

Why you keep saying is this little pig this little big this blue pig this little big actor what the hey people it today is Christmas actually was Christmas evening so yeah

Skyrim guide says:

I have to wonder if the cat is real

Avitado says:

Micheal is so cute 🥰

wana zahra says:

Wow 😳😳😳

raghad rod says:


Rose Sanchez says:

The animal cooking show is up for another season

Baby Gamer says:

good cat michael

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