The best compilation cats are sneezing 2016 #2

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The best compilation cats are sneezing 2016 #2
The best vine compilation cats are sneezing 2016 #2
Funny cats compilation, cats are sneezing 2016

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Bangtan Love says:

So this is what people meant when they say i sound like a cat when i sneeze…

phantom Ninja gaming says:

Soooo cute 😍😍😍😍

P Gaming says:

1:27 no, i think that's not a sneeze

Diane Mckimmy says:

Cats: achoo!

tvcwcgsubw1246 zaufwvjerguauv898 says:

And that’s where the creeper sounds come from …

lioshenka says:

The ginger cat at 1:01 sounds like he is a diesel car with a flat battery trying to start.

togekiss bliss says:

The cat's sneeze at 0:23 sounds so cute.

It’s gacha Elise musicbox •ELISE• says:

0:20 aww! The cutest sneezing ever😍

↠ Dreams ↞ says:

I love their sneezes 🤧💗

Thesecondhander reddit and compilations says:

The cat @ 1:56 sounds like a .22 lr

Pinky Girl29 says:

My cat sneeze like a kitten so cute :3

Elizibeth Skinner says:

0:20 it sounds like a anime girl 😂

Jonathan says:

I need to start dusting some areas for my cat.

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