Talking Kitty Cat 26 – No Pets Allowed

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In this episode, Steve’s landlord comes over. Since pets aren’t allowed in the home, Sylvester, Gibson and Shelby are forced to hide. Sylvester refuses to to play along. Flaggle Claggle


K S says:

Did Sylvester pass away? All these videos are several years old…

Kathy G says:

I love you SYLVESTER ❤️😺

Patricia Williams says:

What is. Wrong. With him

Animal123 45 says:

Just curious do you actually hide your pets? Becuse you have a dog and cat like how do your neighbours not tell on you because obviously the dog gets walked

Because I lived in rented house however I having feeling if I asked landlord about pets it would be also I would have to ask my mum and she doesn’t like pets as she’s the one it’s the landlords number

However I don’t have time for a dog and a cat wouldn’t work. However what about caged animals?

Would you think it’s ok to hide like couple of pet rats, hamster or rabbit

Like if it was pet rats when the landlord comes round where you hide the cage.

Same with hamster?

And rabbits


Hey sylvester you have a twin her name is luna and she is black too.

Bay Rath says:

That cat is weird well sometimes it’s good which is really weird when it’s bad and I kind of hate it when it’s bad too but it’s really cute yeah and I’m I really like it when it’s on the good side

Stephanie Rojas Facundo says:

this is so funny

Mine Craft says:

Haha said something it’s funny hahahhahhahaha

Bianca Whallon says:

Just like a lock down from school

mason hotzler says:

Landlord can suck a

Hillary Edwards says:

Such great vedios!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Love when they went to hide, but Sylvester is the boss. Love him❤❤

Ashlie Johnson says:

Does he been like that

Bows And Bullets says:

How To Shut up a Sylvester: puts tape around his mouth)

Conscious Beaut says:

😂 too cute!

Liliana Sandvig says:

If my cats could talk i wouldnt need no human contact

Naomi's Weirdness says:

Bob hope died everyone lost hope
Steve jobs died everyone list their jobs

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