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You won’t be able to stop laughing. Cats are the funniest! They will always make you laugh. Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Fig Leaf Rag” “Hammock Fight” “Whiskey on the Mississippi” “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Smack Nation says:

They are evil

Julius Walls says:

1:07 Surprise Mother Fucker!! lol

manfred Knox says:

I can relate to the cat eating Ben and Jerry`s

jade's beauty corner says:

Its not that hard cant laugh

Kat Mrow says:

Yeah watching cats get hurt is funny 😒😡😑

Lady Skales says:

Poor kitty awe

Lady Skales says:

Omg what’s the kitty eating this time so funny 😂

jennifer velasquez says:


Blue Bee says:

whats so funny

Blue Bee says:

grapes are toxic to cats

Beth Garza says:

poor cat who fell off the roof rip

Sebastian Chlebecek says:

All people that wash their cats deserve to get hung/burned or stabbed to death and anyone Thinking bathing cats is funny too.

zeniaminda traje says:

dont be happy for watching cats in panic,cover your heads and be the one to fall down

Ignez Gomes Guimarães says:

Tem muita sacanagem com gato…

Barbara Stepien-foad says:

Why the hell do stupid people wash a cat? It's cruel.

Cerulean Noel says:

Geezeeeee grapes are on list of things toxic for cats!

Satûrn says:

1:50 me when I’m trying to impress my crush

DawnDanner says:

That was bullshit showing the cat attack the mouse!!! Who really believes the girl in the shower was showing her "kitty" off!! 🤔 Also cat dragging itself down the hall at the end really looked like there was something serious going on!

victoriafirefly says:

I'm sorry but people trying to force their cats to take a bath is fucked up. If they enjoy the water and they've never had any problems then that's a different thing, but other than that the only time you should ever bathe a cat is if they got into some kind of big mess that can't be cleaned off with baby wipes, or if they have fleas and you're giving them a Dawn bath. Cats bathe themselves!! If your cat is not an avid groomer for whatever reason, use baby wipes or pet wipes…Bathing a cat in the tub can even cause hypothermia and pneumonia if you're not well informed on the proper way to bathe them. Forcing your cat into a running tub will only cause harm and distress to both you and your kitty, it's pretty much a guarantee that you will end up covered in scratches and bite marks.

TheKnowledgeThurst says:

Okay, your videos are just funny animal injuries why would you even make videos like this I would never watch another one of your videos

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